Started With a Big Apple

When Alice first got to New York, the city of dreams her life was hectic. Just as it settles a little she is given a once in a lifetime opportunity to not only see One Direction live but to meet them with backstage tickets. Would she finally find the love of her life or her life go completly crazy? Or both?.


33. Red Carpet

****Alice's POV****

Cute little dinner with Lou tonight. I will asume he has organised where we are going and stuff, because whenever we do things together its usually me organising everything! But hey, if not I still love him! He is still acting a bit not himself though? Meh, you never know what your gonna get with this boy though! haha! I finished getting dressed into my favourite outfit! It was a above the knee length dress, lavander purple with a heart cut-out on the back! Personally i thought i looked nice! I walked out of the wardrobe and I'm pretty sure i got his approval because his jaw must have suddenly become a few tonnes because he couldnt quite manage to pick it off up of the ground! Step 1, complete! I walked into the bathroom and closde the door behind me to finalise tonights apperance.

****Louis POV****

We both finished getting ready and I took her hand to walk down to the front door. Little did Alice know that this was just where her night started. I opened the front door to a red carpet going down the front of our house. It led to A beautiful limosine that was even extremly fancy for me, and trust me, I've been in quite a few limos over the past few years. Her fact lit up with excitment! "You organised this?!" Alice exclaimed in complete and utter excitement! 'Anything for my princess!' I replied back to her with my smile just as bog knowing the night ahead. I picked her up bridal style and walked down the red carpet to the limo. She sparkled her pearly white smile as we reached the limo. I placed her down on the ground and opened the car door like the true gentlemen I am and she got in and I closed the door behind her. I walked around to the drivers seat and he rolled down the window. 'You know where we are going right?' I asked the old man who was our driver for the night. He gave me a nod of approval and I smiled back at him. I walked around to the other side of the car and got in. We lived pretty close to the city center so it was only about a 10 minute drive with traffic and everything. Once we finally got to the restaurant Alice was starstruck. We were at the bottom of the tallest restaurant in all of london. A whole 99 stories tall! Once again we were greeted to a red carpet. Alice looked like she still couldn't get a single word out of her mouth. I got out my side of the limo and walked around to her side to open her door for her once again. This time though, we just walked hand in hand to the door of the bottom floor.

****Alice's POV****

Oh my god. Oh my actual god! I am at the best restaurant in London! WHAT!? How on earth did I go from being a everyday girl who went to new york to see her family to being in London with the worlds most perfect guy? I am way to lucky for words. Lou and I walked hand in hand int othe bottom floor of the building. I have never been here, but I seemed pretty empty for a world class restaurant. But meh, I wouldn't know! A few staff members led us to the elevator where we would both make our journey up to the topo floor. We stepped into the elevator still holding eachothers hands. Lou was bit taller than me, so when he looked down at me it was super cute because I had to look up to him. Anyway, he looked down to me and smiled. I smiled right back at him with my eyes glittering. Then randomly he just said 'I love you Alice.' so random but honestly that made my night! 4 simple words. I smiled even more back at him blushing. 'I love you Louis' I said to him and he pulled me into a deep kiss. One of those super cheesy ones where I am basically off my feet and lying in Lou's arms. DING! The door opened with me and Lou still kissing. omg! embarrising! hahah! What? the restaurant was empty? I looked a Lou confused and he just gave me a sly smile back. He organised this! I should have known! I swear to god I have the most amazing boyfriend. The waitress led us to the only table in the entire restaurant. This restarant had all glass walls so I could see the entire view of London from my seat! It was so amazing! The waitress gave us the menu and we both thanked her before deciding on what to eat.

***Harry's POV***

I got a text from Lou- 'At dinner' Cant be too much longer now!

***Lou's POV***

I shot Harry a quick text so that he was up-to-date on where and what we were doing. We finally decided on our meals. I got for entree a gnocchi dish and Alice got scallops, For main we both had roast beef with a side salad and we decided to leave dessert for now. Our meal came out really fast so I didnt have to make to much small talk! I was so nervous, and I think it was showing! 'Bon Appetite my princess!' I said to Alice before we both took a bite of our amazing looking meals! 'bon appetite to you my prince!' she said right back. We ate our meals in near silence. The only sound was the music in the background of the restaurant and our cutlery against the plates we had. We would everyone so often loose eachother in the others eyes before Alice would blush and go back to her meal. We soon finished and went back into conversation of our days and just everything.

****Alice's POV*****

Wow, dinner was delicous! But this was getting rediculous. Something is up! Louis (and yes I just called him Louis!) is acting like he is from another planet and that we havnt met eachother! Why. Oh no. Maybe? No Alice don't think like that! Lou loves you and you love him! He wouldn't take you out to a fancy restaurant to break things off! Well atleast I don't think he would? Ok Alice, deep breath! Just make casual conversation! I will just talk about my day and life and whatever! It's probably nothing anyway. Just keep up conversation!

*****Louis POV*****

Desert. I need more food! "Hey Alice, you up for desert now?" 'Uhm, yeah I suppose, it will have to be a gym day tomorrow then!' Alice replied. 'Why? you are perfect the way you are! Cake or no cake! I still love you regardless!' Alice just blushed mega time and pulled me in for a kiss. Yep. This is what I want! And it is oh so close! We both decided on chocolate cake and it came out almost immediatly. We once again ate in near silence though we finished alot quicker this time. I quickly sent Haz a text again- "Finished desert. Nearly show time!" He just sent a ":D" back. Well, I may aswell get this show on the road!



********AUTHORS NOTE- Hey guys, thanks for reading once again, you are amazing! Please enter our competetion in the comments! Thanks xx**************

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