Started With a Big Apple

When Alice first got to New York, the city of dreams her life was hectic. Just as it settles a little she is given a once in a lifetime opportunity to not only see One Direction live but to meet them with backstage tickets. Would she finally find the love of her life or her life go completly crazy? Or both?.


10. Officialising

When I woke up in the morning, once again it was to soft cuddles from Louis. I could so easily get used to this! But, he must have snuck into our apartment during the night without any of us girls hearing him. Not that I care or anything! "breakfast babe?" he said soflty to me at I was aoppening my eyes. "oh yes please" I said still barely awake. Louis dialled room service on the hotel phone and ordered 2 deluxe breakfast meals. Within 5 minutes it was sitting infront of us and we were munching away. Although we had talked about it the night before I still wasnt 100% sure if Louis and I were actually a couple. I was never good at asking those type of awkward questions but I couldnt just go along without knowing whether we were a couple or not so I needed to man up! "Uhm, Louis?" I asked him after finishing my egg "Yes darling?" he replied with a mouthful of  bacon. "Are we dating? Like do you consider us a couple now?" I asked him stutturing I was that nervous. "Well I hope so, if you are happy to be I am definatly more than happy to be" Louis replied now finished his mouthful. I just smiled at him and he lept over closer to me and give me the biggest hug and kiss. Well I guess it was official now huh!?


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