Started With a Big Apple

When Alice first got to New York, the city of dreams her life was hectic. Just as it settles a little she is given a once in a lifetime opportunity to not only see One Direction live but to meet them with backstage tickets. Would she finally find the love of her life or her life go completly crazy? Or both?.


16. Ideas

*Louis POV*

No, this can't be happening! Why do things have to be so complicated!? I can't loose her, I won't! I am going to make sure that we stay together no matter what! I knew what to do though... I only had 3 months left of tour. What I would do, Alice could go home for those 3 months and pack everything up and send it to London, spend some time with her family before she moved in with me and by the time she got there all her stuff would be there and so would I! Perfect! Alice would get to go home for a bit and I still get to tour with the boys. And anyway, there are so many ways of keeping in contact over the time. Skype, twitter, phone calls. It would be fine, we could this out! I suggested the idea to Alice and she completly loved the idea! Point to Louis or what!?

*AUTHORS NOTE- sorry about the small chapter, just needed a bit of a filler chapter (:*

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