Started With a Big Apple

When Alice first got to New York, the city of dreams her life was hectic. Just as it settles a little she is given a once in a lifetime opportunity to not only see One Direction live but to meet them with backstage tickets. Would she finally find the love of her life or her life go completly crazy? Or both?.


3. Glittery Butterflies

The night of the concert dragged on so slowly, I swear the day was trying to kill me! But, all in good time it was finally time. I got dressed into my very  best going out outfit, my most gourgous heels, the neclace mum gave me and a few othe accesories here and there. My cousins were also coming to the concert with me but they wernt coming backstage.

We got in the car and my Auntie drove us to Madison Square Gardens where they were performing.For one I was excited to go to such an amzing land mark but nothing was to beat the fact I was about to meet 5 of the most gourgous, amazing, talented boys in the entire universe!"OMG OMG OMG!" we all screamed as we finally got there. My dreams were well and truly about to come true!

We got out of the car and walked up the parking lot to the main doors. There were 2 different lines. General addmission and the one for mwah! VIP ONLY!  "See you girls later, have an amazing night!" I said to the girls bouncing away with joy "you lucky thing! have an azmaing time, take hundreds of photos for us!" the girls said in he distance behind me because I was already on my way. "Ticket please" the security gaurd said to me as I finally reached the front of the line. I pulled it out of my purse handing it to the guard with a beaming smile on my face. He scanned the ticket, ripped the end off it and guided me to walk on through.

My heart was racing and I felt like there was glittery butterfly's flying all throughout my body! I knew what was about to happen and I took out my camera.  I walking down the small corridor and I saw a few screaming girls, I ran towards them knowing who they were screaming at! I SAW HIM! That's right I saw my first member of one direction standing right in front of me his perfect smile and cute outfit with stripes and bracers made my stomach turn and made me feel overwhelmed.I just stared at him and almost fainted when I saw the other boys running towards Louis, me and the other screaming girls. Not to sound stuck up or anything but as soon as Louis saw me he smiled and kind of stared for a bit!

We got pushed away and taken to our VIP seats in the front row. I couldn't stop thinking about that moment. Then the concert started, I swear I had a grin from ear to ear!

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