Started With a Big Apple

When Alice first got to New York, the city of dreams her life was hectic. Just as it settles a little she is given a once in a lifetime opportunity to not only see One Direction live but to meet them with backstage tickets. Would she finally find the love of her life or her life go completly crazy? Or both?.


26. 3 Shopaholics!

*****Alice's POV*****

"so, what are you cooking chef Tomlinson?" I asked him curiously. "cornflakes and milk." he said plainly. Zayn and I tried to death stare him but when that Louis Tomlinson smiled with them puppy dog eyes, it was quite impossible. "that sounds devine," zayn says pulling an 'are you serious' face. After eating our delicious cornflakes and milk **hint the sarcasm!** we decided on a day of shopping and ofcourse I was with the right boys for this! I loved to shop but I seriously think they love shopping more then me! AND THEY'RE BOYS!!! I'll have to admit I'm pretty excited to be in London shopping! That's been on my bucket list since I was 13! That's thing to be ticked off.  I put on some pale blue jeans and a baggy light pink knitted jumper and slipped on a pair of white toms. I let my hair fall naturally down my back and pinned some strays back with some pins.

We all walked out the door decided to walk to the mall. "I like your shoes miss Simpson!" Louis said in a high pitched voice, "I like your braces!" I said back to him pointing at his pink braces. Zayn pouted and flicked our ears. "what was that for?" as asked him " you to are making me feel like I'm 3rd wheeling!" he says pouting. "haha sorry bud," Louis said as he patted his shoulder. We walk into a cute girly girl shop and straight away Louis is running around judging dresses and zayn is fixing his hair in a mirror and me, well I'm just scanning through the racks pulling out enough clothes to fill 5 wardrobes. I'll admit I'm a shopaholic but not as much as Louis, that boy can shop!

I walked out of that one stoor with 3 bags filled to the top with cloths that mostly Louis had picked out and a few excesories that zayn had chosen for me. "next shop HAS to be a BOYS shop! I think I've got enough for today!" I say to them as I force them into a casual menswear shop. "don't go to crazy Louis! You won't fit it in your wardrobe!" I quickly say to him before he runs off like a child in a candy shop! At 3:00pm we decided to go home, zayn went back to his own place to get ready for tonight because he was going clubbing with Perrie, Niall, Harry and Taylor (swift, yes she is in this scene but only because I don't want Perrie to be the only girl, because then I'd feel sorry for Perrie haha and she's in this chapter only but may pop up later in the story!). When me and Louis got home we unpacked all of our new clothes and got dressed to go out for dinner. By the time we were ready it was 6:30. Yes we take a long time to get ready, don't judge, we like to look pretty! 

**authors note! Sorry for the silly chapter it's just a filler leading up to something strange in the next chapter! But I hope you liked it (:

oh and sorry for the tiny spoiler hahah!**

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