you are everything i see

Lizzie is an average 17 year old girl who lived in england. Her best friend since birth was a guy called Harry Styles. Until he became a boyband, he didnt think he like Lizzie in that way. Until now. Since Niall has been flirting with her, Harry wants Lizzie. Who will Lizzie choose?


3. Couldn't live without him.

Lizzies P.O.V

"WHAT?!" I screamed. "What? Did I do somthing wrong?" He looked alerted. "No, But you SO could have told me you were in a band! Geeze Hazza!" I gave him that nick name when we were 6, he was dressed up as a bumble bee for our 'Joint' party, and he kept on buzzing (like a bee). Our birthdays are 1 month apart, exactly. He was born on the 1st of feburary, I was born on the 2nd of Janurary. Ok, one month minus one day!!! Anyway, I looked so freaked he obviously knew, so he said"Hey, its ok. There really great guys! PLEEEEEAAAASSSEEE GO!!!"  Then he wimperd this after "Pweese? i'll be ya best fwend..." He looked so adorzzable with his lil puppy dog eyes. He could get anything from his mum, with that face. Even a tattoo! His mum keeps asking why he got a star, and he only told me. He said it was the age when we became best mates!!! I found it so nice of him, because it was the day after we had an argument, and it was deffiantly NOT small. I said I never wanted to see him again, and he looked so so SO sad. I felt so meant, I brought him an orange blazer costing $600, but it was worth it. It took me a whole year to save up for that, but I didn't care. As long as me and Harry were friends, I could starve and not care. Harry was like, well, he filled a whole in my heart. I couldn't live without him.

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