you are everything i see

Lizzie is an average 17 year old girl who lived in england. Her best friend since birth was a guy called Harry Styles. Until he became a boyband, he didnt think he like Lizzie in that way. Until now. Since Niall has been flirting with her, Harry wants Lizzie. Who will Lizzie choose?


1. The beginning of the fame.

Harry's P.O.V

"Hurry up Lizzie! im gonna be late!"I yelled at Lizzie. Today was my tryout for the Xfactor. I was sooooooo excited. Lizzie came thumping down the stairs and looked highly annoyed. "Never EVER make me rush myself. I was cutting the string off my new shirt and look." She said. She showed me The back of her shirt and it had a massive split down the back. "Well... not my fault My little lovie Liz" I teased. OH GOD! why did i call her that?! "SHUT UP HAZZA! You said you would NOT EVER remind me what mum used to call me..." Tears streamed down her face when she thought of mum. "Hey. Im sorry, love. I forgot how much you miss umm.... Cindy."

Lizzies P.O.V

"You never called her Cindy until she DIED! Why wont you call her mum anymore?" I whimpered. "Hey, it's complicated, Liz, I'm sorry love." Harry sure did looked depressed. SHOOT! "Nooo... DONT CRY! you need to be on LIVE T.V in 30 minutes! Lets go, c'mon." I tried to brighten up. "Kay then. Sorry." he looked very apoligetic. We ran out the door and hopped in the car.    


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