fluffles awery

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  • Published: 29 Sep 2012
  • Updated: 25 Oct 2015
  • Status: Complete
this story is about fluffles which is a pink fluffy bunny rabbit and her magical quest to find the lost queen of carrota.


4. where's the Queen?

Nobody's moving, everyone standing still, silent. I guess we're trying not to think the worse. That the queen is still alive. Then Marlia speaks, her voice barely audible, eerie 'Fluffles, take the cloak and wash it in the river, don't be long and keep looking.' She hands me the cloak and I take it gently, salute and hop into the tree-lines heading for the river. I glanced back and everyone was moving forward. I guess I would have to catch them up. The sun is slowly settling above me and I can feel the cool breeze blowing through my fur. I don't like the wood at night, you never know what  may be lurking, waiting to prey on innocent young rabbits like myself.  My heart is beating so fast, so fast, it's a wonder how it doesn't leap out. You're here to save the queen, I tell myself, you're here to rescue her and return her to the throne. I'm so tired, I need to rest, we've been walking all day. 

I must have dozed off because when I opened my eyes, it is sunny. I picked myself up and as I do, I hear a faint, muffled cry coming from my right. I quickly run in that direction and I spot a beautiful golden rabbit. I immediately recognised her as the queen Mirrissma. I run to cut her free and bow as she stands up. 'Thank you for rescuing me' she said in a low, regal voice that gave me a warm feeling in my heart. 'Your majesty, I am Fluffles Awery of the Awery household. I have been ask by your royal security to help find you. We were so concerned when we found your cloak littered with foxes' blood.'

'You are a brave soldier and worthy of a medal, Fluffles' 

'Please, your majesty, tell me how this befell on you?'

'I was out on my daily walk and only had two of my normal eight bodyguards with me, as I was passing the sacred temple of our great god, Nemisis; two bandits ambushed me. My bodyguards were walking a feet away and was too late to rescue me.  I was taken prisoner into the woods and brutally beaten.' 

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