fluffles awery

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  • Published: 29 Sep 2012
  • Updated: 25 Oct 2015
  • Status: Complete
this story is about fluffles which is a pink fluffy bunny rabbit and her magical quest to find the lost queen of carrota.


2. What's going on?

I'm in the wide field outside when I hear someone calling me, I turn and saw Marigold bouncing towards me, her face red with concern. I ran and met her and she was screaming that the queen have dissappeared. At this point, I was bounding towards the burrow with Marigold hot on my foot. I scuttle down the dark tunnel.

I ran towards my mum screaming is it true, my mum jump as I screeched towards her. I see the queen's security sat around and I start feeling scared, my legs shaking like jelly. One of the security bunny came up to me and ask if I could find the queen Mirissma. I look at my mum and she nodded and I shakily said yes I help.

After the security guys had gone, my sisters and brothers crowded around me wanting to know what the guy said. My mum had gone into the kitchen, getting dinner ready. I said that I had homework and hurry up to my room. My head spinning around like a never ending ball, with all the stuff that happened this afternoon. I hear an knock on my door and my dad peeped in saying that dinner was nearly ready.

I saunter down towards the living room and sat down at the table.My mum place a plate of hot carrot pie in front of me, the scrumptious smell intoxicates my nose and I hungrily tucked into the succulent food. The agent have given me instructions and a map. They want me to start tomorrow at 6:00am.



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