fluffles awery

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  • Published: 29 Sep 2012
  • Updated: 25 Oct 2015
  • Status: Complete
this story is about fluffles which is a pink fluffy bunny rabbit and her magical quest to find the lost queen of carrota.


3. oh so tired!

We've been walking for hours, searching every nook and cranny. I'm starting to feel a little suspicious. we're in the woods; the mud is up to my little knees and my feet hurts. I haven't told my mum how long I would be and am scared that  she's angry and concerned. We still haven't found her and I don't think we're even close. My tummy's rumbling like an angry giant and I just remember I haven't ate since this morning. I die for a slice of hot, bubbling carrot and cabbage pie with a side helping of dandelion leaves and a cup of almond water. The guards are standing patiently at the end of the woods. I quickly stumble towards as my mum always said that it's rude to keep officials waiting.

We have stop for a little break and I have found a gigantuous dandelion flower at the bottom of an enormous birch tree which I am now chewing very happily. All the guards have brought a little pack lunch. The one next to me is greedily slurping down a canister of carrot soup like he's dying from hunger. A nice guardess have kindly given me her carrot as she saw me just eating the dandelion and was worry for my strength and health. Me and her are the only girls on this mission and I quickly learn that her name is marlia. When we have set off again, Marlia saunter towards the back so that I won't be alone. We started chatting about families and she said she was like me, just like me in fact. She's like to go on adventures, that she always getting in trouble for being curious and that she's the second youngest in her family. She came from a big family consisting of fifty members including her and that she came to be a guardess because her family was the queen's friend and were always there for her. She gave all of Marlia's brothers a choice to be her bodyguard or just to continue life normally but her brothers didn't have an interest in serving the queen so she turn to Marlia and of course Marlia was thrilled; never in the history of Carrota has the queen ever have a female bodyguard. Marlia said yes and was and is still the first female bodyguard of Carrota.

We came to a small clearing and this is where the guards suddenly stop and Marlia gasp as she glance towards the small pile of leaves. Thoughts spun around in my head as we was waiting for the anticipating news from Marlia. One of the guards look at me and then walk up to where Marlia was standing,I saw that he was whispering in Marlia's ears about something. It must have been a question because Marlia nodded. He gloomily walk back to where his other colleagues were standing and they were discussing something. Marlia were staring at me and she seem to make her mind about something. She was making her way towards me, she inform that she found the queen's cloak cover in foxes' blood.

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