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  • Published: 29 Sep 2012
  • Updated: 25 Oct 2015
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this story is about fluffles which is a pink fluffy bunny rabbit and her magical quest to find the lost queen of carrota.


5. Happy Ever After and Bed

We've been wandering for hours in this dense woodland now and we still haven't found the royal guards yet. The queen has fallen asleep in my arms and I'm feeling so immensely weary. I wandered where they could have gone; it's been days since I've last heard from them. I need to rest, my little legs can't go any further and I'm starving. 

'Are we near the palace yet, Fluffles?' the queen said groggily as I laid her gently onto the forest floor. 

'Not quite, your majesty' I replied as I sat myself down 'I'm trying to find the royal guards but I'm having some trouble.'

She has fallen asleep again, so I did the same. It has been a long day of walking and I feared that tomorrow will be the same. 

I wake up to find that Marlia is smiling at me, a huge grin on my face. I rub my eyes to get the sleep out and to make sure that I wasn't still dreaming. I got up and she embrace me with the biggest hug imaginable.

'How did you find us?' I asked sleepily

'I've got a tracking device fitted on the queen, (not to her knowledge) but we was too far to trace it until today when we was searching these parts of the wood' Marlia answered casually as if it was perfectly normal to have a tracking device on the queen. 

The queen has woke up and she's staring at me and Marlia as if she's still in a dream. A big, muscly rabbit has rushed to help her up but she's still in shock. Marlia has left my side to try and calm her down and reassure her. One of the other rabbits is striding towards me with a stern look on his face but when he came close, his expression soften. 

'Fluffles, I want to thank you for rescuing and saving her majesty.' he said in a booming voice 'I think you would make a great asset to the royal guards and I would like to offer you a place on the team.' 

'Thank you, sir  but I'll have to decline your offer. I've had enough adventure to last me a lifetime and all I want is to go back home and sleep in my own bed.' I said tired. 

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