That Special Girl

Harry Styles from One Direction met a girl, Selene, crying in the park. Harry went over and without knowing, he kissed her on the lips. Sparks flew between them within seconds. That caused Selene's current boyfriend, Kenneth, to break up with her. Later on in the story, Kenneth tried to kill Selene. Will Selene and Harry end up in a relationship? (This is my first story, please support me and leave your comments.)


9. We're You're Real Parents

"Ding-dong!" the door bell rang.

Niall over to the door and opened it. A woman in her 40's stood outside the door.

Lady: Selena... I've finally found you.

Selena looked up and saw her. Immediately, her face was as black as thunder.

Selena: Get out of here! You're not my mother!

Lady: I am! I'm not leaving until you acknowledge me.

Selena: You want me to acknowledge you after all you have done? If you're not leaving, I AM!

Selena took her handbag from Harry's room and stormed out. Harry chased her. He found her sitting on the swing in the nearby playground. Harry sat beside her.

Harry: Why were you mad at her?

Selena: My mother abandoned me when I was 12. I ran out of home and found a boy who said he could take care of me. I trusted him and his name was Kenneth. Ever since, I was constantly bullied by him but I stayed with him cause I'm homeless. Until now, I was old enough so I broke up with him.

Harry: She was the cause of you meeting Kenneth and having such a horrible life. Well, before you met me.

Selena: She's rich now and wants to acknowledge me.

Harry: I don't want you to. I want to be with you. Now, let's go back and have breakfast. You must be hungry.

Together, hand in hand, they walked back to the hotel room.
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