That Special Girl

Harry Styles from One Direction met a girl, Selene, crying in the park. Harry went over and without knowing, he kissed her on the lips. Sparks flew between them within seconds. That caused Selene's current boyfriend, Kenneth, to break up with her. Later on in the story, Kenneth tried to kill Selene. Will Selene and Harry end up in a relationship? (This is my first story, please support me and leave your comments.)


5. Selene! Where are you?

The note read: You must be asking yourself where is Selena. Boo-Hoo! She's with me. If you want to find her, go to the park where you first met her. She'll be with me.

Harry: Kenneth again! For Selena, I will go to the park but first, I will call the police. Which is stupid because they're just beside me..

In the park...

Selena: WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?! You're crazy!

Kenneth: You don't tell me what to do!

Kenneth gave her a slap.

Harry went to find Selena and found her sitting on the very same bench she sat on the day they met. He walked towards and she kept shaking her head signalling not to come near. But Kenneth jumped out of his hiding spot and pointed a gun at Harry.

Kenneth: Hey, pretty boy.

Harry: Let her go!

Kenneth started laughing then stopped.

Kenneth: Do you know my motive of luring you here? I'm gonna kill you so no one can have her.


But Harry didn't experience any pain. But in front of him, stood Selene. Blood was oozing out from her chest. She fell to the ground. Kenneth and Harry were both in shock.

Kenneth: Why are you so stupid? I didn't mean to kill you!

Then, the police came and nabbed him.

Harry knelt on the floor with Selena's head on his thigh.

Harry: Why? WHY?! Why did you shield me?

Selena: Cause... I.. I... I....I don't...want you one...suffering.. This whole thing...started...because

Selena fainted. By that time, the ambulance and all the boys(of One Direction) arrived. The paramedics put her on the stretcher and wheeled her into the ambulance. The boys went into Louis' car and they went to the hospital. They sat down in the waiting room waiting for ages before the doctor came. Finally, he showed up.

Harry: What's her condition?

Doctor: She was shot at the lungs. She's still in the danger zone. She's in a coma. God knows when she'll wake. I'm afraid she'll not make it.

Harry: Can I visit her now?

The doctor knodded his head. All the boys ran into the ward.
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