That Special Girl

Harry Styles from One Direction met a girl, Selene, crying in the park. Harry went over and without knowing, he kissed her on the lips. Sparks flew between them within seconds. That caused Selene's current boyfriend, Kenneth, to break up with her. Later on in the story, Kenneth tried to kill Selene. Will Selene and Harry end up in a relationship? (This is my first story, please support me and leave your comments.)


10. No!!!

They came back and saw two other man beside Selena's mother.

Lady: This is my husband and also your biological father, Danny. So, are you coming back with us as a sign of acknowledgement?

Selena: I'm NOT coming back with you.

Lady: Fine. Ted, take her back!

The other man, Ted grabbed me at the waist and carried me.

Selena: Harry!! Help me! Let me go you stupid idiot!

Harry ran towards Selena. He held her arms. Ted pushed him away and Harry fell. Ted continued walking and Selena continued screaming. Her voice disappeared when the four of them entered the lift. With tears welled up in Harry's eyes, he watched Selena as she was being taken away from him.

Harry: Why must all of this happen? Why?
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