That Special Girl

Harry Styles from One Direction met a girl, Selene, crying in the park. Harry went over and without knowing, he kissed her on the lips. Sparks flew between them within seconds. That caused Selene's current boyfriend, Kenneth, to break up with her. Later on in the story, Kenneth tried to kill Selene. Will Selene and Harry end up in a relationship? (This is my first story, please support me and leave your comments.)


6. A Miracle

Harry and the boys entered the ward and saw Selena lying on the bed. Harry burst into tears.

Louis: Hazza, please cheer up. It's not entirely your fault.

Liam: Louis' right. I blame it on Kenneth.

Harry: Please stop. I'm want to wait until she wakes up.

Zayn: But if she doesn't like what the doctor said?

Liam hit Zayn on the head.

A week later.....

Louis went to the hospital.

Louis: Harry! You're still here?

Harry: I've told you for the thousandth time. I will wait until she wakes up.

Suddenly, Harry felt Selena's finger moved.

Harry: I must be halluniciating. Selena's finger can't move. The doctor said she might not wake up.

Selena*whispered*: Harry....

Louis: Harry, look!! She's opening her eyes.

Indeed she is. She slowly opened her eyes and saw Harry and Louis. Louis ran out and called the doctor. The doctor was pretty surprised.

Doctor: It's a miracle.

The doctor went into the ward and examined Selena.

Harry: Is she OK?

Doctor: Yes. You're lucky that she's still alive. Cherish her while you can.

Selena: Harry... Come closer...

Harry leaned towards her and she kissed him.

Louis: Oh please. Get a room!

Harry punched Louis in the arm. Selena giggled.

Selena: Ah! My chest hurts.

Harry: I forgot to tell you that you cannot laugh. If not, your chest is gonna hurt.

Selena: When can I be discharged?

Harry: Let me ask the doctor.

Harry went out of the ward and asked the doctor. He came back to the ward.

Harry: Great news! You can be discharged today!!

Selena: Yay!

Louis: I'm still here ya know..

Selena stood up and hugged Louis and Harry.

Harry: Let's go back to the hotel.

Louis: No. I have a better idea...
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