No One Get's Me Like You

Theresa lived in Vancouver with her parents until she decided to move to London with her best friends which is every girl to dream of meeting the one and only One Direction. Well see how her life goes on living with 5 teenage guys.


1. Surprise

Theresa's POV.

Hey well I was ready and waiting for some of my friends to come pick me to go. Just when I was about to go eat the doorbell rang so i just ran and grab my things and was ready to leave but when i opened the door i realized that it wasn't my friend but it was my best friends. Well if you're wondering there the famous band One Direction. Well i used to live in London until my dad got a really good job offering in Seattle so we moved 5 years ago away from London and everyone i knew. I started hugging them until i realized that there in Seattle with me well we kept in touch the whole 5 years. They came in and i asked my parents if they could stay in our house. Yes they can stay here Theresa. Then i just ran into my room and told them that they could stay. I realized that Zayn was really sad. I then just remember him telling me Perrie broke up with him i was kind of glad since i always had feelings towards Zayn. Hey Zayn what's wrong? you look really sad! I asked.

Zayn's POV.

Theresa just asked me what's wrong I've always liked her but i thought she never felt the same but it seems like she's sad seeing me the only reason i was with Perrie was because i really liked her but i have always had feelings for Theresa. Well nothings wrong to me just still really sad that Perrie broke up with me. i said Well don't be sad u can have any girl in the world and Perrie is a jerk for breaking up with you cause she doesn't know how special a person can be until there gone. Theresa said i know well at least your here to cheer me up.

Theresa's POV.

Well at least he knows i'm hear for him i just wish he would ask me out sooner cause i know him well and all of the other guys i dated were a big fat jerks.

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