No One Get's Me Like You

Theresa lived in Vancouver with her parents until she decided to move to London with her best friends which is every girl to dream of meeting the one and only One Direction. Well see how her life goes on living with 5 teenage guys.


3. Mall

Theresa’s POV

El Dani GET DOWN HERE NOW!!!!!!!!! I have to leave so would you 2 mind hurrying it up?  NO they yelled back! I’m leaving! I yelled back Go ahead we can just chill here we don’t fuckin care Eleanor yelled back! So I just walked in the guy’s room and went on my phone so it took about 20 minutes on my phone until Zayn started talking to me! Then about an hour the girls came down! Took long enough I said.

Zayn's POV

Ok so Theresa’s sitting in mine and the boy’s room on her phone and I just can't get my eyes off of her. After about 20 minutes I went and talk to her for about an hour until the girls came down. So Theresa said bye to us and the guys then left. But then I heard her laughing with the girls for about some random things like they use to.

Eleanor’s POV

Oh look who’s staring at Theresa?!?! Ok like I could see Theresa blushing but that’s pretty much what she gets since she didn’t give us enough time at all well whatever. Lou I’ll see you later! Bye love he replied while munching down a carrot him and his carrot I thought but he is going to cry if someone grabs that carrot out of his hands. So I should do it! I sneaked behind him and I don’t think he realizes and grabbed the carrot kissed him and run off!

Louis’s POV

Eleanor I screamed. She grabbed my carrot I chased her but I ran to the car and well Theresa just drove off because she was in a hurry for some reason. Well whatever I’ll go ask someone to grab me another carrot.

Theresa’s POV

El umm what do I do? I asked her so what she asked me? Umm… well I didn’t exactly break up with Kyle since well I haven’t seen him for a few days but I saw him with another girl and now I’m going out with Zayn so what do I do? Go to his house tell him what you saw then break up with him ok?! but only if you come with me ok? ok i will. 

got to his house 

Kyle's POV

K: Hey Theresa!

T: Hey

K: who's your friend?

T: She's from London and coming for a visit

K: oh

T: ok Kyle I have something to tell you i saw you with another girl you 2 were kissing so were over and we will never be back together

K: what no were not over!!

T: yes we are 

K: no were not

T:yeah we are

then she just left and went into her car crying then driving home!!

I followed her and when i got to her house i saw that she was hugging some guy!

i came up to them and she saw me and let go of him so i went over and punch him in the face

Theresa's POV

why are you doing this to me?? just leave already Kyle i hate you!! i was crying so hard that the rest of the guys and girls saw me there and Zayn all angry. 

K: Not until u give me a second chance

T: I'm not giving u another chance i gave you way to many

K: why won't you is it because of this guy

T: no because your just a fuckin jerk who did this to me way to many times

K: you know what your just a slut


Zayn's POV

did he just punch me and call Theresa a slut?!?! Questions are flowing through my head like crazy who is this guy?? i went over to him and started punching him. The boys pulled me off of him. Theresa was crying so hard that i went over to her and hugged her she cried into my chest and my shirt was getting her tears on it but i didn't care since she's the only thing i cared for right now

Theresa's POV

I can't believe he did this to me he breaks my heart way to many times and he decides he can come her and punch Zayn. I told Zayn to carry me inside and just leave him there alone then he will just leave the next thing i knew i fell asleep crying in Zayn's arm.

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