No One Get's Me Like You

Theresa lived in Vancouver with her parents until she decided to move to London with her best friends which is every girl to dream of meeting the one and only One Direction. Well see how her life goes on living with 5 teenage guys.


2. Concert And Dinner

Theresa's POV

After you and Zayn talked you went out with some friends for a few hours so they can unpack and rest for there concert that night. You just came back from the mall with your friends you got a few outfits and a dress to wear for the concert. You rushed to to be ready in time which you were glad you did just cause you were the last one ready and made them almost late. After the concert you went out for dinner. Hey Theresa can i talk to you outside Zayn said. Sure Zayn i said. So what do you want to tell me i asked him. Oh um Theresa do you um wanna go out with me tomorrow night i mean if you want you don't have to but would you???? Zayn asked Sure i would love to you answered.

Zayn's POV

She said yes i'm going to tell her my feelings and ask her to move in with me and the boys back to London since She's turning 19 soon and i'm sure she would love to.

Eleanor's POV

Hey guys i think Zayn asking Theresa out and telling her how he feels and hopefully ask her to move in with us cause well we haven't seen her in 5 years and she would be around a bunch of jerks here like her last boyfriend was  horrible. I think he is El Lou said. Well she will say yes since she's always had a crush on him. I said. Everyone be quiet about what we just talked about there coming said Danielle. So what were you guys talking about?? Theresa asked. Oh nothing much i replied. 


After Dinner back at the house......


Theresa's POV

Night guys i going to bed i said to the boys and grabed the girls with me. So did he ask you out Danielle asked right away. Yes yes he did so did he?? Yes yes he did we told you so. Now chose an outfit out for me i have no idea of what to wear at all and well you guys are going to have to help me for tomorrow night. 

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