Who is this girl?

Hi, my names Niall Horan and this is a story of that one girl. The girl who changed everything.

Before I was famous there was this one girl in my class. The one who always made you smile, because of how different she was. She is the girl that I was meant to be with, but now that I am famous i dont see her anymore. That was until today...


18. So yeah, that's it

I had just finished telling them how we broke up when a hand hit me in the back of the head.

"Ouch! Louis?" I asked.

"How could you do that to her, let alone anyone?" He asked in reply.

"I was stars truck. I enjoyed the littlest bit of attention so much that I lost the thing I loved" I mumbled.

"You need to go to her, and tell her how you feel" said Liam.

"But..." I started.

"No buts. Just do it" replied Zayn.

"Ok. I'll try, but she won't talk to me, she will probably just hit me again. Plus, I don't even know where she is" I said.

"She's gone home." Said paul from behind us.

He scared the crap out of me. I think Louis's wet himself, haha.

"Where does she live?" Asked Harry.

"22 cherry tree lane" he answered.

"Sounds like Somethin outta a fairy tale" said Zayn.

"Oh my god!" I thought out loud.

"What?" Asked Louis.

"That's exactly why she bought it" I replied. "When we were friends, she told me that she was older she wanted to live in a really fairy tale like place, or have a magical address." I added.

"Do you want me to drive you there?" Asked paul.

"Yeah, thanks paul" I said.

"That's fine, now hurry up boys or you'll miss the release party" he said.

So me an the boys got up and followed Paul to the car, where as soon as we got in, he drove off on a mission.

We got to her house in less than 20 minutes! That's gotta be some sort of record, ok time to go and say how I feel.

There's just one problem, I'm shit scared.

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