Who is this girl?

Hi, my names Niall Horan and this is a story of that one girl. The girl who changed everything.

Before I was famous there was this one girl in my class. The one who always made you smile, because of how different she was. She is the girl that I was meant to be with, but now that I am famous i dont see her anymore. That was until today...


21. knock, knock

Maria's POV:

I wanted to forgive him, but I just couldnt. He hurt me so much back then, and I am scared, that if I open up my heart to him again, he will break it; again.

Im at home at the minute, lying on my kitchen table. I know what your thinking, why? But its a really comfy table.

I was really tired, crying uses up a lot of your energy. I was just about to drift off when I heard something.

*Knock Knock*

I got up off the table and walked over to the front door, opened it, and closed it immediatley after.

"Come on Maria, just give me a chance" said the voice.

I sighed and opened the door.

Nialls POV:

We arrived at the house and I didnt waste time running to the door.

I knocked and in a few seconds the door opened, but then closed again immediatley after.

"Come on Maria, just give me a chance" I said

I heard her sigh, but she then opened the door afterwards.

Her eyes we red and puffy, you could see dried tears on her skin, aswell as mascara that had ran.

Im taking a big risk but o'well. I walked up to her and wrapped my arms around her. At first I thought she would throw me off or hit me, but she didnt, she welcomed the hug.

"Im so sorry" I whispered in her ear. I felt her tears touch my skin through my shirt.

"I am too" she whispered back.

I was suprised, what did she have to apologise for?

"What for?"  I asked.

"For not giving you a chance to explain, and for hitting you, and for running away from you" she said through tears.

"Its ok, I think i deserved that first hit" I said.

"You really did" she laughed. Yes, laughed.

I pulled away from the hug and looked at her, there was the smile I had missed for 2 years. I stroked her face, whiping away the tears that fell, and smiled at her.

"Do you want to come in?" She asked.

"I would love to... But I cant" I said sadly.

"Oh ok. why?" She asked.

"We have a release party to go to, for our new CD" I said.

"Take me home?" She asked.

I was pretty suprised she knew that.

"How did you know?" I asked in reply.

"I... Well... Someone might have told me something about it" She mumbled.

We looked at each other and started laughing, just like old times.

Suddenly a car horn beeped behind me and the boys were handing out the window telling me to hurry up.

"Gimme a second" I said.

I looked at Maria and knew that she was sad to see me go.

"Tomorrow, would you like to... I dunno... Go eat something?" I said. It was only after I finished saying it, I realised how stupid I sounded.

"Sure... I would to eat food with you." She laughed.

Oh my god, she actually said yes. Ok Niall, this isnt make believe, she is giving you one more chance, dont screw it up.

"Ok then, I will see you tomorrow. Pick you up here at... Say 1pm?" I asked.

"Sure, Bye Niall" She said.

" Bye" I replied.

I turned around to walk away, but until i was halfway down the path, a arm grabbed me. It was Maria. She turned me to face her and before I knew what to do, she pulled me in close, and placed her lips onto mine. It was amazing, I wrapped my arms round her waist and made the kiss last longer. Before it could a bit more passionate I heard the boys in the background doing wolf whistles and taking pictures.

Me and Maria just laughed and finally said goodbye and went our seperate ways.

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