Who is this girl?

Hi, my names Niall Horan and this is a story of that one girl. The girl who changed everything.

Before I was famous there was this one girl in my class. The one who always made you smile, because of how different she was. She is the girl that I was meant to be with, but now that I am famous i dont see her anymore. That was until today...


27. I won't ever leave your side, I love you

Nialls POV:

"It took around ten minutes to get to managements office, I still had no clue what I was going to tell them, or how I was going to sort out this problem.

The car pulled up outside the offices, we got out the car and walked up to the reception. Micki, the receptionist, welcomed us and talked for a bit. I wasn't really listening, until she said something that grasped my attention.

"What did you just say?" I asked.

"I said, congrats with Demi" she smiled.

"What do mean, there's nothing going on with me and Demi" I replied confused.

"Oh, we'll management has been putting over the one direction paw that you and Demi are dating" she said just as confused as me.

"WHAT" I yelled.

I ran out of the reception, and towards Simons office, the boys had to hold me back from breaking my way in.

"Oh, hello boys" Simon welcomed us casually.

"Hello Simon" said Liam politely.

"Simon, what do you think your doing saying that me and Demi are dating?" I said furiously.

He didn't answer me, he just sat there, folded his arms across his chest and motioned for the other boys to let me and him alone, to talk.

The boys left, with Zayn closing the door behind him, I faced Simon and he motioned me to sit down, so I did.

"Now Niall, I know that your upset" he said.

"Well yeah, of course I'm upset" I replied.

"Yes, but with you being famous, I think it would be better for you to date someone famous" he said.

I was starting to get really angry.

"So you mean, because Maria isn't famous of a big star, that I can't be with her" I said angrily.

"Well, not exactly but yes" he said.

"Well, I appreciate your worry, but I'm not going to stop seeing Maria. I lost her once and I'm not loosing her again!" I said.

"What do you mean, loose her again?" He asked.

I then proceeded to tell him all about my and Maria's past, at one point, I think a saw a smile form on his lips.

"Well then, I can see why you are angry, she seems like a lovely girl, I will ask management to withdraw those stories and write a cover up."

I smiled and we said our goodbyes and left. I found the boys in the kitchen, they ran up to me when I entered.

"What happened?" They asked in unison.

"He said that he will get management to remove the story and write a cover up, and I think me and Maria are gonna be free to date" I smiled.

"That's awesome" said Liam.

"Yeah, Louis, I was wondering if you could do me a favor?" I asked.

"Sure, what is it?" Louis asked.

"Could you call Maria for me and ask her to come meet me at Mario's at 3 and tell her not to go on twitter" I said.

"Sure" Louis replied.

"Thanks, anyway I'm hungry, who wants to go get food?" I asked.

"Sure" they all said in unison.

We then left for the car, and went off to get food.

Maria's POV:

I got into my car, it was finally fixed from being in the garage. I drive a vauxswagon beetle (it's my favorite car in real life lol).

I got in and headed for Mario's, it was only a 10 minute drive, and when I got there, it was empty. All except for a blonde Irish boy, sitting in the corner.

I walked over to him, I was shaking, why? He got up and gave me a hug, oh no, was this a welcome hug, or a goodbye hug?

"How are you babe?" He asked.

"I'm good, how about you" I replied.

"Good, I have something to tell you" he mumbled the last part.

"O-Ok" I stuttered.

"So as you know, me and the guys went down to management, I had a talk with Simon and told him all about us and our past. He seemed to understand and got management to remove this story" he said.

"The one of you and Demi" I said.

"H-How did you know about that?" He asked.

"Louis told me" I answered. I place my hand on top of Niall's and smiled at him. "I trust you completely and I know that that was a big rumor."

He smiled at me and stood up, lifted me up with his hands and hugged, spinning me around while he did.

He kissed my cheek and moved his lips to my ear, whispering a few words.

"I won't ever leave your side, I love you."

His whispers electrified my body, sent shivers down my spine, made my heart beat faster and my cheeks blush crazily.

"Come with me" I said.

"Why? Where are we going?" He asked.

"Home, I have a surprise for you" I smiled, and winked at him.

He must have know what this meant because he scooped me up in his arms, and ran towards my car.

A/N: sorry for this chapter being a bit boring but I need it to tie the next chapter together. Thanks everyone for reading. I am off school today cus I'm pretty sick, but I saw all the comment and noticed that this has been read 2000 times. YAY.

I'm like over the moon, never thought this story would be that popular, turns out it is. Thank you so much everyone.

I was so happy that I posted this chapter and I will adding another chapter too tonight, keep reading and check out my other movellas. I will try to read your movellas too when you ask me, I always get to it eventually. Thanks again xxxx
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