Who is this girl?

Hi, my names Niall Horan and this is a story of that one girl. The girl who changed everything.

Before I was famous there was this one girl in my class. The one who always made you smile, because of how different she was. She is the girl that I was meant to be with, but now that I am famous i dont see her anymore. That was until today...


15. Flashback

I still can't believe me and Maria kissed, I mean actually kissed.

We left the airport smiling. My mom kept looking at us weirdly. I could tell she suspected something, but she let it go.

Mom collected a car from the hire place and we all got in after putting in our suitcases and bags inside the boot.

It took us 20 minutes to find the hotel, it would of took us 10 but mom took a wrong turning.

We went up to the room, and couldnt help nosing around. Mom had her own room, and me and Maria had a room opposite each other.

I threw my suitcase on the bed and heard someone knock on my door. "Come in" I yelled. Maria entered the room. "hey" she said. " hi" I replied.

" so..." she said. " so..." I replied. She moved in closer to me. "Tomorrows your audition" she said. "yeah, Im still kinda scared" I replied. "Don't worry, I'll be with you every step of the way" she smiled at me.

I took her hand and smiled at her. "Well as long as your there, I know I'll be fine." I said.

We leaned into a kiss and let our lips touch once again. I could do this forever, but unfortunately, my mom walking in the room ruined that fantasy.


I woke up the next morning buzzing with excitement. Today was the day I was auditioning for x factor, and everyone back home who watches it will see me. CRAP!

Suddenly, the door opened and Maria ran in and jumped onto my bed.

"Rise and shine sleeping beauty" she said.

"Alright, gimme a sec" I replied.

I got up and went into the bathroom to have a shower.

Maria's POV:

Niall has gone to have a shower now, I can't wait to see him perform, he's so brave for doing this.

15 minutes later, Niall walked out in just his boxers. "Nice Niall" I said throwing a pillow at him.

He started laughing and chased after me. I went to run away but the shock of him coming after me made me fall off the bed.

"Ouch, that looked painful" said Niall. He was hanging over the bed looking at me.

"Not as much as this" I said. I then pulled his arm and he fell off the bed, landing next to me.

"Haha" I laughed. "No far" he moaned.

I got up laughing, helped him up and left to get changed. Once we were all dressed and ready, Niall's mom drove us to the x factor place. We waited 2 hours for Niall's audition to come but I didn't care.

We messed around and met some cool people. There was this one boy with big curly hair and dimples, cute as.

"Niall Horan" the stage hand asked. He got up, shaking. His mom got up and put her arm round him. "Don't worry Hun, you will be great." She said to him.

He looked at me, smiled, and took my hand. We then proceeded to the back area of the stage, Niall got the thumbs up from the guy, and walked onto the stage.

I was shaking and me and Niall's mom held hands together, both praying for a good result.

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