Who is this girl?

Hi, my names Niall Horan and this is a story of that one girl. The girl who changed everything.

Before I was famous there was this one girl in my class. The one who always made you smile, because of how different she was. She is the girl that I was meant to be with, but now that I am famous i dont see her anymore. That was until today...


3. Can I walk with you...

There she was... The mystery girl. The strangest girl in the school. The girl who sent shivers to my spine everytime we spoke (which wasn't very often).

I saw her heading for the bus stop. I got kinda excited cus the bus wouldn't be here for another 10 minutes. That gave me 10 minutes alone with her.

" Heya Marie" I said once I reached the bus stop. " oh, hiya Niall" she replied. Yeah you guessed it, she was playing with that ball. One day I'm gonna say something to her and it's gonna make her drop that thing immediatley.

"How was your weekend?" I said. "Not bad blondie, how was yours?" she said with a smile on her face. "It was good, went to the michael buble concert" I replied. And there it was. She had stopped playing with the ball.

"oh my god!! Michael buble. I freakin love him. Was he amazing or was he like shrewd or ignorant. Please say he was amazing." she almost screamed.

I couldn't help smiling. " He was absolutely amazing" I replied.
" OH my god. Yes I knew it. I knew he was amazing" she squealed.

"I love you" the words slipped

(oh no. Wat has Niall just said. What will Marie's reaction be. Wanna know. Well come back tomorrow and you will find out ;) )
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