Could this be real?

Alexa is your average ordinary 17 year old girl. There is one thing that is different about her though - her best friend is Zayn Malik. All of one direction go to her school, she is mindblown! Read through all the tragedy, romance, humor and friendships. (btw, this my 1st movella


2. Truth or Dare

Wake up! Zayn was in front of me yelling at me to wake up, "what!" I scream! " we've been waiting half an hour now get up" he says harshly. I get up, get dressed for a lazy day , and walk out. We decided to play truth or dare, I was first. "Niall truth or dare?" " truth" " who is your crush?" "umm Demi Lovato" he said. "Liam truth or dare?" "dare" "I dare you to fight Alexa!" "ok then," I got up and found a large empty space to fight him 'sorry Liam' I thought "aand… fight!" I started of by hooking my foot (kicking it) around his neck and tried pulling him down to the ground but instead of that happening I got it around his neck but when I tried pulling him down he just lifted me off the ground. I fell and landed hard so Liam went and helped me up and asked if I was ok. I was fine but a bit sore.
Liam asked Harry "truthordare?"
"do you like Alexa?"
"kinda" he said blushing. My cheeks were as red as tomatoes and so I went into the bathroom to wash my face. But then I felt hands on my hips and I spun round to find Liam pulling me closer to him. I let him and before I knew what he was doing we were kissing

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