Could this be real?

Alexa is your average ordinary 17 year old girl. There is one thing that is different about her though - her best friend is Zayn Malik. All of one direction go to her school, she is mindblown! Read through all the tragedy, romance, humor and friendships. (btw, this my 1st movella


1. Amazayn

Hi, I am Alexa and I'm 17 years old. To many people, I'm just an ordinary girl - that's where they go wrong. To begin with, I am a professional dancer (only my BFF knows that) and my best friend is Zayn Malik from 1D. So ... Today, it's the day. I am finally going to meet One Direction! On my B'day! Ughh, they will be here at 7:00 am - 2 more hours but I'm already ready, I've packed my suitcase, I'm dressed and I have my phone with me. 1 1/2 hours to go, so long. I've decided to do some contemporary dancing. Wow! 5 min to go! They're here! I opened the door to 5 wonderful boys wishing me a happy birthday. "Hi!" I said and hugged each person the boys came in and sat down as I realized that they had presents, "what???? Guys, you barely even know me!" I exlaimed. From Liam I got new black jazz shoes, "I love them!" I screamed and hugged him. Louis got me hairspray, Niall got me a $50 voucher for Bloch, Harry a leotard and Zayn a Canon EOS 60D! "ahh you guys," I squealed, they picked me up and took me to my room to put my gifts in my bag and then we left to their house. Once we were there I showed them all my leotards and did a few dances for them.

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