I Love Him

A short monologue from a story I am about to write :)


1. My Past Life

I sat on my soft, warm bed thinking and thinking of my past life, it was a total mess and I've moved on. I was never one to hold grudges, but it seems that I never give anyone second chances. My past life was filled with stupid relationships that I thought were real but burned like paper in a crackling fire. Jeff was my most recent lover. I had loved him with all my heart until he shattered it like glass. Jeff told me he was going out to meet his friends for dinner every Thursday but really was hooking up with Marina, a stuck-up snake that never understood the real world. Why was I so gullible to believe that EVERY Thursday he would meet up with his friends. But now I'm a strong woman, I've learned from my failures,and now I'm taking things more seriously. Things were fantasy back then, but now I've stepped into the cruel world of reality. Oh joy. But I always wanted to take a big step forward and change my life around and find what I was really looking for. Love. Real love.


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