Love At First Sight- Harry Styles fanfiction

this fanfiction is about a girl named Delfina who runs away with her best friend Darcy. Delfina has an abusive father. when Delfina and Darcy run away together, Darcy tells Delfina that she has 2 tickets to see their favortie band One Direction along with 2 VIP passes. what happens when Delfina and Harry fall in love? will Delfina's dad find her? will she stay with Harry and the other boys? you'll have to read and find out! :)


1. run away

"DELFINA COME OVER HERE NOW!" i hear my father call me down. i walk down the stairs to the living room where i find him laying on the couch with a beer and the tv on. oh no he's been drinking again. 

"Make me some dinner now or else you'll see what i'll do to you." my father says in a drunk voice.

"what would you like to eat tonight'? i ask him trying not to sound annoyed.

"I'm okay with anything but make it fast!"

"alright then"

After i finished making him his dinner i hand it to him kindly trying to make him less mad. As i was handing him his plate i tripped and the food got all over him making him angrier. I try to run fast to my room upstairs but he catches me and throws me on the couch that he was laying on. The couch was warm and had wet stains of spilled beer he dropped. I snap myself out of my thoughts and focus on my dad. He had taken off his belt and held it in his dry hands above his head. The next thing i know i have a huge bruise on the side of my right leg. I run up to my room escaping from his tight grip. When i reach my room i jump on my bed tears falling rapidly down my face. My father hasn't been the same since my mother died. He used to be happy and beyond kind and sweet to me but now he changed. After a few minutes i call up my best friend Darcy. i tell her what happened and i tell her my plan about running away. She said she wanted to come with me becuase life at home wasn't great eaither. After about 5 minutes i hang up and started packing. I throw all my stuff in my suit case and leave through the balcony in my room. I run super fast to the airport where i find Darcy already there with two plane tickets to London. I talk to her for a while. When the plane comes and we sit down Darcy tells me some super exciting news.

"YOU WHAT?!" i scream causing people to look at me.

"yes it's true. i have the tickets and VIP passes for the One Direction concert tomorrow in London."

"Oh My God! im so excited. i can't wait! do you think Harry will like me? Will he hate me? i'm so scared and nervous but at the same time happy!"

Darcy just smiles at me and lays her head on my shoulder and falls asleep very soon after that. i lay my head on hers as well and fall asleep as well. i wake up a couple hours later to the pilot annoucing that we have landed in London. Darcy and i exchange excited looks and walk off the plane. we get a taxi and head off to a hotel. When we get to the hotel, we check in and head off to our room. 

The next day we spend it shopping for a new outfit for the concert. When 7:00 crawled up we got a taxi to the concert that started in half an hour. When we arrive, i pay the taxi driver and head in. when we went to our seats the concert stared. There was a lot of screaming going on. i was watching Harry most of the concert. the way his curls bounce of his head when he moves. The way his bright green eyes shined in the bright light. The way he smiled. I also caught him looking at me a few times and winked too! I just smiled at him. After the concert everyone left. Darcy and I headed back stage with our VIP tickets. As i was opening the door to where the boys were at i hit Harry with the door. i giggled and apoligized to him. He smiled at me and said "it's alright love." I melted as those words left his lips. We spend a couple hours with the boys and Harry and I sat together and flirted a lot. Right before we left Harry pulled me aside. 

"Hey Delfina. did you have a good time today?"

"Are you kidding? i had an amazing time!" i replied a little to excited.

"that's great! well umm i was wondering if you wanted to hangout tomorrow with me and the lads. oh and your friend too if you want?"

As he spoke those words i could feel myself go weak at the knees. THE Harry Styles wanted to hangout with me!

"umm yeah sure that sounds like a lot of fun!" i replied trying to calm myself down from all the excitment. 

"great! lets exchange numbers."

i gave him mine and he gave me his. We walked back to all the boys and Darcy. We left and got to our hotel room. when we did i told her everything and she was just as excited as i was,maybe a little more which made me laugh. we dicided to go to sleep because it was getting pretty late. i feel asleep just thinking about what a great day we would have tomorrow!

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