Love At First Sight- Harry Styles fanfiction

this fanfiction is about a girl named Delfina who runs away with her best friend Darcy. Delfina has an abusive father. when Delfina and Darcy run away together, Darcy tells Delfina that she has 2 tickets to see their favortie band One Direction along with 2 VIP passes. what happens when Delfina and Harry fall in love? will Delfina's dad find her? will she stay with Harry and the other boys? you'll have to read and find out! :)


6. Party

Harry's P.O.V.

I woke up at around 8 in the morning. I looked over and i saw Delfina was still asleep. i admired her for a few minutes. shes was truly beautiful and she was all mine. i never really believe in love at first sight. But then i met her backstage and i felt a spark. Since that very second i knew she was ment to be mine. i love her so much and its all so carzy, but i like it. i didn't want to wake her up so i sneaked out of bed and went downstair. The boys and Darcy were outside talking. i walked outside and was greet with a cup of coffee and a bunch of hellos and such. It felt weird not having Delfina with me but i tried to ignore it and pay attention to what the boys were saying.

Delfina's P.O.V.

I woke up and it was about 8:20 in the morning. I turned around and Harry wasn't there. I got up and went downstair. I couldn't see anyone but then i heard laughter outside. i walked out the door and everyone was just sitting around drinking coffee and talking.

"hey Delfina!" everyone yelled.

"hi guys." i said while a yawn escaped my lips.

"come sit here" Harry said while patting his leg since there wasn't enough seats.

I walked over and sat on his lap. He fastly wrapped his arms around my waist. I looked at him and smiled at him. I was brought back to reality when Louis phone rang. He looked at the phone and went inside to answer it. A few minutes later he came back outside smiling.

"Do you guys want to go to Cher's party tonight?'

Everyone, including me, said yes. i love Cher so much and to go to one of her partys was going to be amazing i can't wait.

~a few hours later~

It was about 9 and Cher's party started at 10. Everyone decided to go get ready. Me and Darcy went into her closet to look at her clothes. Darcy picked out a pair of tight jeans with a cute crop top and some converse. After that we went to mine and Harry's closet and i picked out a tight black dress with some vans. I think we looked pretty good to be honest. We went downstairs because it was almost time to go. Darcy went downstair before me becuase i forgot my purse and phone. I got all my stuff and left. When i got Downstair everyone looked at me with their mouths slightly opened.

"what? is there something on my face?"

"n-no. not at all you just look absoultly gorgeous." Harry said while everyone else just nodded. i blushed slightly and looked down and thanked them. I then realized it was getting pretty late and we should start heading off. We all got in the car and headed of to the party.  

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