Love At First Sight- Harry Styles fanfiction

this fanfiction is about a girl named Delfina who runs away with her best friend Darcy. Delfina has an abusive father. when Delfina and Darcy run away together, Darcy tells Delfina that she has 2 tickets to see their favortie band One Direction along with 2 VIP passes. what happens when Delfina and Harry fall in love? will Delfina's dad find her? will she stay with Harry and the other boys? you'll have to read and find out! :)


5. Lazy Day

hi guys! im so sorry i didnt update! i started school and its been harder to! i am so truly sorry! im trying to be able to update more and more but my teachers are already giving me to much homework. but heres a chapter!


Delfinas P.O.V

i woke up at around 10 a.m. i looked over at harry and he was still asleep. i smiled at the thought of him being mine and me being his. I tried to get out of harry's grip to go downstairs and get something to eat but harry's grip tightened. i giigled and harry woke up.

"where do you think you are going missy?" he asked in his sexy morning voice. 

"down stairs to get something to eat. wanna come with me?"

"sure thing babe"

i smiled at him and took his hand in mine and went downstairs to make some breakfast for everyone before they woke up. i grabbed the pancake mix and all the things i needed to make pancakes. as i was mixing everything up in a bowl i felt something fall on my head. i turn around and see harry with a smirk on his face. he had thrown flower on my head. i looked at him with my mouth opened in shock. he started laughting when he say my reaction. i just smiled at him so he thought i wouldnt get back at him. he just came next to me and started laughting again. when he wasnt looking i quickly grabbed some flower and threw it at him. he looked at me the same way i looked at him. lets just say things didnt go so well. after about 5 minutes of throwing flower at eachother we decided to stop and clean up. after we cleaned everything up i finished making the food. as soon as i finished niall ran down the stairs and started to eat. me and harry just smiled and i went to wake everyone else up. we all came down stairs and ate. after we ate we went to the living room to watch some movies. we planned on staying home all day to watch movies and get to know everyone else a lot better. we were in the middle of a really scary movie and i was practically on harrys lap, which he didnt seem to care at all about. while i was on harrys lap his phone started to buzz. i moved slightly and harry took his phone and i moved in closer. i saw out of the corner of my eye that Jess texted harry. i looked at him and he kept on looking at the screen. his eyes were tearing up and i started to get worried. i grabbed harrys hand and dragged him into our room. 

"whats wrong harry? why are you crying?" i asked him worried.

jess is all he said. 

"what about her?" i asked slightly mad.

"this." he said handing me his phone. 

the message read 'harry why are you dating the slutty bitch Delfina when you get do way better then her? you will always have me. i love and miss you babe. leave that bitch and come back to me. she doesnt deserve you shes fat, slutty, and ugly. call me xxx'

as i finished reading the text i felt a hot tear roll down my cheek. 

"Delfina please dont cry. jess is wrong. nothing she said is true. i will never ever leave you. i love you will all my heart. you are beautiful. dont listen to that text please dont believe her shes lying. shes just jealous of you. i love you Delfina and dont you ever forget that." 

as those words came out of his mouth i started crying even more but not because i was sad or mad anymore but because i was so happy and lucky to have harry. he was amazing and i knew he wold be mine forever and ever. he told me so and i thought that too. i loved him.

"i love you Delfina."

"i love you too harry. so much"

"lets go back downstairs babe. everyone is probably wondering where we are,"

i nodded in responce and we heading downstairs. when he came back to the living room the movie had ended. harry and i sat down with the rest. we started talking again and everything was perfect. we turned on the tv and the news came on. we werent really paying much attention but when we heard my name we all looked. i saw a picture of me with Harry,Darcy and all the other boys. the picture vanished and all i saw was the news reporter and my father. he was trying to find me. i let another  tear roll down my cheeks and then let out a sob. all eyes turned to me. i just cuddled up to harry. 

"im so scared harry" i said in between sobs.

"dont be we are all here to protect you babe. he will never find you while you are with us. trust me."

everyone nodded and agreed to what harry had said and i put my while trust and safty in their hands. i calmed down and we all went to bed hoping nothing would happen. me and harry climbed in bed and we fell asleep cuddling close to each other. 

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