Love At First Sight- Harry Styles fanfiction

this fanfiction is about a girl named Delfina who runs away with her best friend Darcy. Delfina has an abusive father. when Delfina and Darcy run away together, Darcy tells Delfina that she has 2 tickets to see their favortie band One Direction along with 2 VIP passes. what happens when Delfina and Harry fall in love? will Delfina's dad find her? will she stay with Harry and the other boys? you'll have to read and find out! :)


11. he called you? how?!

Delfina's P.O.V.

"Come on Darcy! Hurry up!" I yelled from downstairs. Darcy and I were having a girls day becuase i have been hanging out with Harry the whole time and I honestly missed her so much.

"im done im done calm down babe!" Darcy giggled.

"Let me say bye to Harry before we leave."


"Harry! Where are you babe?" I asked confused.

"In here love!" I heard him yell from our room.

"Oh heey. Well i just wanted to tell you Darcy and I leaving right now."

"Already? awww im going to miss you love."

"And im going to miss you even more but i have to go. I'll call you later."

"Alright bye hun."

And with that we kissed and i got myself up and walked downstairs where Darcy was waiting. We left and got into my Range Rover and headed off to the mall.

As i was driving we turned on the radio and Little Things came on and i couldn't help but smile a huge grin.

"Isn't this such a cute song Darcy? It gives me butterflies. Harry sang this to me last night!" you could hear the excitement in my voice.

"you guys are truly adorable. i would never of thought that MY best friend would be dating Harry Styles and we would be living with them. It's just amazing." 

i just smiled at her and then i remembered what happened last night. What Niall has said to me. I had to tell Darcy.

"Darc babe i need to tell you something very important. Something happened last night." 

"What happened Delfina. Is everything alright?" She asked.

"well here's what happened. So i couldn't sleep last night so i went downstairs and watched some movies. After a while Niall came downstairs cause he couldn't sleep eaither so we watched some movies and then he was gonna tell me something but then Louis came downstairs to cause HE couldn't sleep. So me and Louis cuddled cause Harry doesn't mind. Then Louis fell asleep. Niall paused the movie and he told me....he told me he loved me...." I looked at Darcy to see her face and she was shocked. Her mouth was open and everything.

"Are you kidding? Oh my god!"

"i know and i don't know if i should tell Harry or what?"

"you should tell Harry."

"okay i will. i have to talk to Niall too"

"yeah. wow this is crazy. now 2 of the boys like you. damn girl"

i just laughed. we got to the mall and went inside. The second we stepped in girls came running to us. They were asking me questions and pictures and autographs. I took some pictures and then me and Darcy walked away. It was completly crazy. After about an hour i get a call from Harry.

"Hey babe. you won't belive what happened when we got to the mall. A bunch of girls came up to us and asked me to take pictures and everything. it was crazy. you have some lovely fans though." i giggled.

"Delfina. umm i really need you girls to come home now and start packing." Harry  sounded exteamly worried. 

"Harry what happened? why do we need to pack?"

"what happened?" Darcy asked 

"i have no clue. Harry hung up. we need to go though it sounded bad"

we got up and left. Honestly i was scared to see what happened. 


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