Love At First Sight- Harry Styles fanfiction

this fanfiction is about a girl named Delfina who runs away with her best friend Darcy. Delfina has an abusive father. when Delfina and Darcy run away together, Darcy tells Delfina that she has 2 tickets to see their favortie band One Direction along with 2 VIP passes. what happens when Delfina and Harry fall in love? will Delfina's dad find her? will she stay with Harry and the other boys? you'll have to read and find out! :)


7. at the party

Delfina's P.O.V.

After about 30 minutes the car came to a halt. i was a little less nervous then when we got in the car but still nervous. Harry grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the car. we got the door and it swung open. there she was. It was Cher. oh my god i couldn't believe it. it was her. we walked in and it was super noisy. I looked around lost. Harry must have noticed because he brought me closer to him and walked to the dance floor. we started dancing and i wasn't so nervous anymore. we danced for a really long time. a slow song came on and me and harry were dancing. Our faces were really close that our noses were touching. Harry lend in and crashed his lips to mine. we were kissing for a long him until i felt someone grab my should and push me away from harry's lips. 

"woah!" i half screamed.

"what are you doing?!" someone yelled

i couldn't see who it was because it was dark. i guess someone heard us becuase at that second the lights when on and i saw the face of someone i wish i wold never see again. Jess.

"what are you doing here Jess?!" harry interupts my thoughts.

"yeah really what are you doing here?" i ask confused.

"why are you kissing harry?"

"umm becuase shes my girlfriend!" harry yells

"yeah really jess you really need to get over the fact that you and harry aren't together anymore. you guys used to have a thing but not anymore. hes with me no and you really should just stop trying to ruien our realationship!"

after those words came out of my mouth i felt a hand make contact with my cheek. Jess slapped me. i looked at her in shook. i was about to say something when Jess ran of and left the party. Harry wrapped his big arms around me and held me tight for a while. He kept apoligizing even though he shouldn't. oh god i loved this kid so much. we carried on like nothing had ever happened. 

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