"I am scared". I mumbled between my weeping. "We will live trough this I promise". He said "Maybe". The door opened and light came shining in the dark room. I scream at the top of my lungs and the man grabs me. Hayden struggles to get to me but it is no use, his arms where chained to the wall he started yelling "Help,Help, Alea I love you don't forget I love you and don't stop fighting". I try to tell him I love it but I was shoved out of the room and the man took me away.
P.S. please give me some comments or ideas because I'm 12 and I want to improve my wrighting skills.


4. This is not a chapter srry *Chapter 4

I want to give a shout out to "Scarlet Lark" she really inspired me by her comment and I want to thankyou I wish I could thank you personally. I will be adding a new charcter to my book and I want the readers to pick their personality and name and I would put in a later page who wins you got 3 days or more tell your freinds agian thankyou Scarlet Lark and everyone who is reading my book. XD I LOVE GUMMIE BEARS !!!!!!!!!!!
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