"I am scared". I mumbled between my weeping. "We will live trough this I promise". He said "Maybe". The door opened and light came shining in the dark room. I scream at the top of my lungs and the man grabs me. Hayden struggles to get to me but it is no use, his arms where chained to the wall he started yelling "Help,Help, Alea I love you don't forget I love you and don't stop fighting". I try to tell him I love it but I was shoved out of the room and the man took me away.
P.S. please give me some comments or ideas because I'm 12 and I want to improve my wrighting skills.


1. Nightmares *Chapter 1

There is trees every where, by the way the place looked I was pretty sure it was fall. The place actually seemed safe but I should've known better. All, of a sudden ugly high pictched voices where whispering my name. Then, fear spreaded through my whole body. I started running "Running is not going save you Alea, remember your parents."said a person with a deep low voice. Then ghostly shaped creatures where surrounding me. "Bye, Alea, finish her "Liraát EZXO Folla". The ghostly figures surrounded me. I started screaming and my eyes flew open.
"Alea, it's alright I'm right her sweety, it was just a nightmare".
My grandma Rosa said cradling me in her arms. I wanted to jump out of her arms but I needed her to comfort me and it dosent even matter me being 16 or not. "Nana, what dose the nightmare meen"? I told her 5 days know in exact detail of the nightmare. "I think you are old enought to know are ancestors". I tilted my head in confusion. "Come sit down pumpkin". I sat down right next to her. "Are family always been powerfull it ran through are blood. We are Satipowa, a Satipowa Is a witch." I was about to say something but she continued " Are ancestors knew, who was a Satipowa because there eye color was any color with a red outlining on the edges". I looked at her eyes to see if she was lying and she sure wasn't there it was the red outlining on the edges of her blue eyes and I gasped. I was about to ask her, If I was Satipowa but I knew I was not because my eyes where purple just purple. "Your special and more powerfull than me, you have a mark on your back. Who has the mark is called Āhoÿñ. The last Āhoÿñ was in the 1800's century." She paused, and stared at me " How dose that explain the nightmares." I looked at her trying change the subject I belived her but, It was to over welming. "You where.... Cursed to have that nightmare once you turned 16 over and over thats when Alex killed yo-ur... Per..e-n..t-s". She started crying and I started to sob.
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