"I am scared". I mumbled between my weeping. "We will live trough this I promise". He said "Maybe". The door opened and light came shining in the dark room. I scream at the top of my lungs and the man grabs me. Hayden struggles to get to me but it is no use, his arms where chained to the wall he started yelling "Help,Help, Alea I love you don't forget I love you and don't stop fighting". I try to tell him I love it but I was shoved out of the room and the man took me away.
P.S. please give me some comments or ideas because I'm 12 and I want to improve my wrighting skills.


3. New family members *Chapter 3

We pulled into a driveway connected to a huge, breathtaking house. We got of the car and when Ian was about to knock the door flew open. "Ahh, Ian,Sepha, mom, ... Alea"! The woman who opened the door almost yelled. She had tan skin, long curly brown hair and big brown eyes. Wait, did she call grandma, mom please don't tell me.. "She is your aunt Alea, she is also a werewolf and a witch". Ian told me what I did not wanna here. "Well, come in come in". My aunt said.

I sat on a couch with Sepha, Ian, grandma and my aunt sat on a couch across from us. "Well, what brings you guys here, because you never came since the inncident and I take it Alea knows she is a Āhoÿñ". My aunt said. I nodded my head "Can we talk about that in private Aunt Kia". Sepha asked "Of course, oh Alea while we are talking maybe you can see your cousins". My aunt said and grabbed my hand and took Me up stairs. She knocked on a door, "Mia, open the door, Alea is here". The door automatically burst open and just like my aunt, my cousin hugged me. "I thought I would never see you agian". My cousin said and I'm pretty sure my Aunt left to talk to Sepha and Ian. "I am Mia, I am a werewolf not a witch thank god and I bet you know your Āhoÿñ and a werewolf". Mia said. "It's nice to meet you, Mia but, why can't I remember you or my aunt but you guys remember me". Her face falls "You did that all on your own". I don't know why but I didn't like to see her sad.

"So, do you have any pictures of you and me". I asked. A huge grin pops up on Mia's face and her eyes glow, litterally. "Come on follow me". She walks over on the other side of her bed and points to a picture there is a huge sand castle and Mia,me and three other kids are standing next to it. We all where probably four. "That's, Laylen,Hope,Kent, you and me". I nod. "We use to be best freinds when we where little oh and I have a scrapbook of you and me I'll give it to you". "Ok thanks". The door burst open and a boy comes walking in and shields Mia. The boy has brown spiked hair, green eyes , is in shaped and handsome. "Who are yo....... A-l-e-a"!? He says. My aunt just walked in "Yes, Jakob thats your cousin". My aunt says. Jakob stares at me and then walks out.

"Any way, Alea you'll be staying with us for now on and we are going to Cello's Resteraunt tonight so, Alea can meet the rest of the pack and can you let Alea borrow some of your clothes Mia". Mia nods. Mia is jumping up and down her hair going all over the place. My aunt kisses me on the forehead and with that walks out.
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