"I am scared". I mumbled between my weeping. "We will live trough this I promise". He said "Maybe". The door opened and light came shining in the dark room. I scream at the top of my lungs and the man grabs me. Hayden struggles to get to me but it is no use, his arms where chained to the wall he started yelling "Help,Help, Alea I love you don't forget I love you and don't stop fighting". I try to tell him I love it but I was shoved out of the room and the man took me away.
P.S. please give me some comments or ideas because I'm 12 and I want to improve my wrighting skills.


2. Lecf sprits *Chapter 2

This was to much to take in,I'm from a long line of witches,I'm cursed to have the same nightmare over and over,I am powerfull have some mark, my parents where killed by the same man who cursed me, and my older brother and sister.... There was knocking on the door that innterupted my thoughts,"Lea, let me in come on sweety we need to talk". It was my sister Sepha, she is 22 but still lives with us but I think, I now know why.I debate to open the door or not and I decided not to. So, I stayed where I was and was was playing with my necklace my mom gave me when I was six before she ....died. I could her Sepha stomp down the stairs. I sighed, I knew she knew,then all of a sudden my circled shape necklace glowed, I froze but, at the same time the door came bursting down with a very angry Ian and Sepha but I didn't pay attention to them. My eyes where glued to the necklace.
Then a image was coming out of the locket. A little girl, about five was playing in a meadow with seven other kids and five grown ups. I knew that little girl was me, and the one whering the blue dress was Sepha and the one in the button shirt was Ian. They where all laughing and happy. They all where dressed up nice, I was in a yellow and pink dress, my blond hair was curled, and I had a tulip In my hair. Someone picked up younger me in his arms, tickling me, I was squirming in his arms giggling. "Dadda, stop it stop it " younger me said between giggles. A very beautiful woman kisses me on the cheek and was hugging younger Ian and Sepha. Then, it all faded away I was just staring at a wall. Then, their was awkward silence and of course Ian broke it "Alea, look can you let us explain please". I looked at both of them, i stared at thier eyes. "We are not witches" they both laughed "We are werewolfs," he paused to see my expression but I left it blank even though I was freaking out inside.
Sepha coutinued "You are to an..." I cut her off " WHAT, wait that's what the mark is"? "Nope, we don't have the mark only you do, the mark stands for power".
"Oh my friggin g..." I heard a huge bang and glass falling to the ground. I am about to scream but, My brother covers my mouth."Shh, you gotta be quiet if you wanna stay alive." My sister, grabs my hand, "Come on, stay by me at all times". We head toward to my sister's room and Ian gose to his room. Sepha, let's go of my hand and takes something from her closet, a sword and a suitcase. My grandma runs into the room "Thank, goodness your safe". My grandma says hugging me.Ian rushes in the room time to go he is is holding two daggers in each hand "Time to go". My grandmama grabs my hand at we rush out of the room downstairs. When I get view what is downstairs I want to scream and hide. There is about seven of them, they are floating off the ground with long sharp teeth, long claws and no eyes. Then the hideous creatures, notice us and lung for us. Oh my god, my siblings are like, ningas. My brother uses all four daggers and hit four of those things in there fore head, they let out a high pitched screeched that sounded so familiar oh my god they are from my dream.
Sepha yells at us to go while they finish the job. Grandma rushes me to get in the car and I get in the back and buckle my self. Ian and Sepha comes and gets in Ian in the front seat, Sepha in the back seat with me and grandma in the front passenger seat and then we leave are house my house. "Alea, are you okay hun". Sepha asks "Yeah, of course I am, I just saw these things that are always in my nightmare and I saw a old memory that I don't even remember come out of my necklace, ya I'm just great." Ok, that might've been a little mean but, I don't regret it they hid so much from me."Look, you have the right to be bad but, you can not be sarcastic right now and by the way those things are Lecf sprits, the memory I have no idea about". Ian said sounding sad and worried, I looked up at him his sandy blond hair in his eyes. I turn away and end up going to sleep. I'm open my eyes agian terrified because of the flippin curse. I some how ended up snuggled in Sepha's lap but Sepha has always been caring and worried about me and so has grandma but not Ian he never talked to me nothing. We just pulled into this giagantic house.
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