Gotta Be You

In the story, two girls named Emily and Jennifer, are about to go to the best thing in the world... A ONE DIRECTION CONCERT! Emily is very excited, since she won the tickets through a contest at the mall. Jennifer, on the other hand, doesn't know who One Direction is, and isn't that excited. She just wanted the experience of going to a concert. Well, the concert is in London that night. On the way of walking to the concert, a man comes and tries to steal Emily and Jen's tickets! After 3 minutes of kicking and screaming, the man gets away... WITH THE TICKETS. Emily and Jen are stranded in the middle of London, with nothing with them except for a copy of WMYB. The girls are on the streets for a couple of hours, until teen heartthrobs One Direction finds them.


1. Winners

Jennifer's P.O.V. 

It's like my cell phone won't shut up. What could anyone want at 10 AM? I go to lazily pick up your phone. "Hello?"  "Good Morning, Jen!" "What do you want, Emily?" "Well, you know how we entered that contest in the mall, to win One Direction tickets?" "You mean, how you forced me to enter? Yeah?" "Well, I just got a phone call, that WE WON!!" "Wait, seriously?" "WHY WOULD I JOKE ABOUT ONE DIRECTION?" "Congrats! You finally get to go!" "Wait, it gets better... You get to go too!" "Yay....." Inside, I really don't know who One Direction is. Aren't they just some good looking Irish/British Boyband who were in the X Factor?  "Ok, Jen. We are leaving tomorrow afternoon, because their concert is in London, so close to us!" "Great, Emily. See you then." I feel so nauseous. This news just hitting me right in the gut, and plus, I have the stench of morning breath... that's just disgusting. Time to brush and get ready. 

Emily's P.O.V 

OMG!!! I am like so excited right now! Those wishes at 11:11 worked... I think. And I'm so happy Jen agreed to go! Usually she doesn't go for things like this, but think about it, when do you actually get to go to an AMAZING ONE DIRECTION Concert?!! Ok, time to calm down. Whew. I'm just coming to pour my self some cereal and head down to Jen's. Maybe we can go shopping for the concert tomorrow night... Oh! I forgot to tell Mum. "Good Mornin' Mum." "Morning, Sweetie. Oats?" "Erm, no thanks." "Okay. Why so happy today?" "Well, Jen and I are going to a One Direction concert!!" "Congrats, Sweets!" "Do you need me to drive you there?" "Erm, no Mum. Me and Jen are going to walk there, it's just in London! Please, Mummy!!!" "Ok, but always remember your cell, and call me if anything. Your father and I are going on vacation, remember? We're only gone for 2 weeks." "Ok, Mum.. Thanks!! And can Jen come over to stay with me?" "Yes, dear... Oh my! I have to get packing!" 


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