Gotta Be You

In the story, two girls named Emily and Jennifer, are about to go to the best thing in the world... A ONE DIRECTION CONCERT! Emily is very excited, since she won the tickets through a contest at the mall. Jennifer, on the other hand, doesn't know who One Direction is, and isn't that excited. She just wanted the experience of going to a concert. Well, the concert is in London that night. On the way of walking to the concert, a man comes and tries to steal Emily and Jen's tickets! After 3 minutes of kicking and screaming, the man gets away... WITH THE TICKETS. Emily and Jen are stranded in the middle of London, with nothing with them except for a copy of WMYB. The girls are on the streets for a couple of hours, until teen heartthrobs One Direction finds them.


4. Waking Up

Emily's P.O.V 

"Jennifer! Wake up! Wake up!!!" I shook her as hard as I could. When did she fall to sleep? 

"Jennifer Mabel Evans.... WAKE UP!" She kicked her phone and purse out of the way while she stretched. Then she fell back to sleep. 

Ugh, how hard was it to wake up?! Suddenly, her phone kept vibrating text message after another. I checked to see how it was. Jacob. The sight of the name made me sick. I declined all his calls and shut off the phone. 

Jen finally woke up. She grabbed her phone from my hand, ignoring the calls and text messages. She neatly put it in her purse. "Jen, you are such a neat freak." "Am not! I have small case of OCD." She smiled. I gave her a big hug. "What was that for?" "I just am thankful you're my best friend!" It was awkward for a while, but thank god, Jennifer broke the silence. "What do go to Nando's now?" I nodded, rubbing my belly. It hurt still, but I was hungry!


*Sorry guys for the short chapter, but I HAVE WRITERS BLOCK!!! :( I'm so sorry, loves!* 

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