Gotta Be You

In the story, two girls named Emily and Jennifer, are about to go to the best thing in the world... A ONE DIRECTION CONCERT! Emily is very excited, since she won the tickets through a contest at the mall. Jennifer, on the other hand, doesn't know who One Direction is, and isn't that excited. She just wanted the experience of going to a concert. Well, the concert is in London that night. On the way of walking to the concert, a man comes and tries to steal Emily and Jen's tickets! After 3 minutes of kicking and screaming, the man gets away... WITH THE TICKETS. Emily and Jen are stranded in the middle of London, with nothing with them except for a copy of WMYB. The girls are on the streets for a couple of hours, until teen heartthrobs One Direction finds them.


3. Stranded

Jennifer's P.O.V

Emily got up and groaned in pain. She lifted me up. "Jen, let's go find somewhere to stay." But where? I looked on my phone. 8:45 PM. It was too late to go anywhere. "You know what Emily? Let's sleep over there." I pointed to a weeping willow tree. "The grass looks soft." I gave her an innocent smile. She stared at me and smirked. I took her hand and we sat under the tree. 

"Emily, when we wake up, let's go to Nando's. I'm kinda hungry." 

"Yay! Niall's favorite restaurant!" 

"Really? I love Nando's!" 

She smiled at me. 

"Good nite." 

"Good nite, Emily. I'm sorry you didn't get to see the boys. Maybe next time." 

But she was already fast asleep. I looked in my purse. All I had left was one hundred dollars, my iPhone 4S, One Direction tickets and passes, and a copy of WMYB. I took out the copy of WMYB and studied the boys' faces. They all looked like they were pulled out of a fairy tale. I smiled as I looked at the blonde boy's face. There was something about him that made me melt inside. I pulled out my phone and played some games until it was 1am. I shut off my phone, and looked around me. Emily snoozed off. I chuckled at the sight at her. I took out my earphones and listened to Demi Lovato- Give Your Heart a Break, which by far was my favorite song. I kept listening and then my phone vibrated. It read: 

From: Jacob 

Ugh. I hated him. He was my annoying ex. A tear escaped from my eye. 

I continued to read it. 

"Thinking of you. <3" I threw my phone on the grass and sobbed. Why did I have to be stranded here? 












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