Gotta Be You

In the story, two girls named Emily and Jennifer, are about to go to the best thing in the world... A ONE DIRECTION CONCERT! Emily is very excited, since she won the tickets through a contest at the mall. Jennifer, on the other hand, doesn't know who One Direction is, and isn't that excited. She just wanted the experience of going to a concert. Well, the concert is in London that night. On the way of walking to the concert, a man comes and tries to steal Emily and Jen's tickets! After 3 minutes of kicking and screaming, the man gets away... WITH THE TICKETS. Emily and Jen are stranded in the middle of London, with nothing with them except for a copy of WMYB. The girls are on the streets for a couple of hours, until teen heartthrobs One Direction finds them.


6. Niall

Jennifer's P.O.V 

Niall handed me his number. I looked up at him to see if he was serious. I mean, c'mon. I'm just this plain girl from London. He was an international popstar. Why would he like a girl like me? He smirked at me. I shyly waved and he chuckled. I took Emily's hand and rushed out of there.

"What? Harry just gave me his number!" Emily hissed. She blushed. 

"Really? Congrats!"

"So, what are you two lovebirds doing?"

"We're not in love so don't say that. And he gave me his number." 

"Why are you sad?" 

"I'm not but--" I held up my phone to Emily. 

On the screen said, FROM: JACOB  "I miss you. When are you going to stop being  a slut and come back to me? <3" 

Emily gasped. "Seriously? After what he did to you? Why don't you just delete his number?" 

"He will still text me anyway, Em. But I have Niall to look forward to." 

"Good Jen. Now let's go -- wait, where do we go?!" Emily paced back and forth her face turning red. 

"Calm down, Em. Let me call Niall and see what he can do. He is an international popstar right?" 

Emily nodded. I dialed Niall's number. 

A sweet Irish voice picked up. Ah, Niall. "Hey, Jennifer! You called! It's been like 10 minutes!" He let out his Horan laugh. I smiled. 

"Yeah, I'm so sorry this is so soon but do you have a place me and Emily can stay at?" I turned red,  getting embarrassed.

"Sure, you can stay at my flat tonight. Does Emily prefer Harry's?" He chuckled. I turned to Emily, who was blushing more than ever. 

"Sure. Emily would love to! And we don't have any clothes so Emily and I will go shopping and be there at 6. Ok?" 

"Yeah, sure, loves. So see ya soon?"  "You got it, Horan." He laughed. "Bye Niall." "See you, Jen."

I shut off the phone and sighed. "Let's go shopping, Emily! I do have 100." She did her happy dance. 



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