Gotta Be You

In the story, two girls named Emily and Jennifer, are about to go to the best thing in the world... A ONE DIRECTION CONCERT! Emily is very excited, since she won the tickets through a contest at the mall. Jennifer, on the other hand, doesn't know who One Direction is, and isn't that excited. She just wanted the experience of going to a concert. Well, the concert is in London that night. On the way of walking to the concert, a man comes and tries to steal Emily and Jen's tickets! After 3 minutes of kicking and screaming, the man gets away... WITH THE TICKETS. Emily and Jen are stranded in the middle of London, with nothing with them except for a copy of WMYB. The girls are on the streets for a couple of hours, until teen heartthrobs One Direction finds them.


5. Nando's

Emily's P.O.V

We walked hand in hand to the nearest Nando's. We got a table and I smirked at Jennifer. "What do you want, Emily?" "Nothing." We ordered our brunch. (Breakfast and Lunch). I checked my iPhone to see what time it was. I was used to that before I ate lunch. I always made wishes at 11:11. "What time is it, Emily?" Jen asked. She knew me like a book. "11:11. Time to make a wish!" I closed my eyes and wished to meet One Direction. I knew it would come true one day. I opened my eyes to find a waitress in front of me. "Making wishes at 11:11? I used to do that." She was a tall girl, who looked 22. She had beautiful black hair that rested on her shoulders. Her tan skin made her look even prettier. She had beautiful hazel eyes. Her accent didn't seem from her. "Yes, I make wishes at 11:11. Silly right? So, where are you from? Your accent doesn't seem from here." She chuckled. "I'm from Sydney, Australia. I'm part of the exchange program for the summer schools. This is my job while I'm here." I nodded. "So, what will you have today?" "I'll have the special." Jennifer said. "Same for me, but on the side, a salad please with Caeser." I added. 

Jennifer's P.O.V

The boothe we were sitting in got a little squishy. I got up to stretch and bumped into someone behind me. I turned around to find a boy with blond hair and the best blue eyes. "I'm sorry. I didn't know. Erm, anything I can do?" I hesitated and stuttered talking to him. "Um, it's ok. My name's Niall by the way." His accent was Irish, and I couldn't not help but to stare at him. "Oh, sorry. I'm Jennifer." "Well, Jennifer, would you mind sitting at our table?" I blushed. "I'll ask my friend." He smiled at me and walked back to his table. Emily just got back from using the loo. "Emily, there are some boys who want us to sit at their table. Do you mind?" "Ooo, Jennifer has a crush...." I hit her arm. "Just come on." We brought our food to their table. When we got there, Emily froze. "Emily, sit." She suddenly let out a little scream. "OMG IT'S ONE DIRECTION!" She yelled. I looked at the boys who were sitting next to me. "What?" Emily shook me and said, "IT'S ONE DIRECTION!" The boy sitting next to me tapped on my shoulder. I turned and looked. He had a very tan complexion and very styled black hair. He wore a varsity jacket and jeans. "You're obviously, not a directioner." He chuckled. I took out my copy of WMYB and looked at the boys on the cover. Then I looked at the boys sitting next to me. "Oh." All the boys laughed at me. I blushed even harder. I learned their names were Harry, Niall, Zayn, Louis and Liam. I also learned that Harry was single, Zayn had a girlfriend, Louis and Liam had girlfriends, and most importly, EEK! Niall was single! I was clearly jumping inside. I, Jennifer Mabel Evans, had a secret crush on Niall. 

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