Another World

Melanie and her best friend won a contest to meet One Direction. Little did she know that those boys would change her life forever. Now they're in a situation with love and betrayal.


4. The Boys

Melanie's P.O.V.

I awoke about three hours later and found myself in the same position I was in before.My neck hurt because Jess was taller than me and i'm guessing she moved her head a little. I was only 5'2 while she was 5'5. I heard that we were gonna land in about half an hour. I went to the restroom and on my way back I woke Jess up. "30 minutes till' landing" I said to her in a very tired voice, forgetting that the boys would be there and the whole reason why we were even on this thing. Whatever, I was too tired think. The flight attendant came around with drinks and small cartons of applesauce. I got sprite while Jess got coke. The bubbles shook us up a bit and we had some energy. We finally landed, got checked, got our luggage and waited in a special area. I was completely off guard because something caught my eye- five handsome boys walked in and towards us. "It's them" I whispered to Jess. It's really them. Zayn, Niall, Harry, Louis, and Liam slowly walked towards us.

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