Another World

Melanie and her best friend won a contest to meet One Direction. Little did she know that those boys would change her life forever. Now they're in a situation with love and betrayal.


14. How Did They Know?

Melanie's P.O.V.

The concert was absolutely amazing. I didn't think that the boys would pull me up on stage to sing with them, and some people liked my voice. After the concert, I went on my ipod and checked my twitter. I saw that my mentions were going crazy. 

"Your voice is so beautiful!!!" I thanked them but what faced me next was horrible.

"She slept with Liam shes so horrible @Melanie_Luvs_1D"

"I feel sorry for @Real_Liam_Payne @Melanie_Luvs_1D"

"@Melanie_Luvs_1D should go die Liam hates her"

"@Melanie_Luvs_1D is such a whore she doesn't even know Liam and she already fucked him"

With that I just lost it. Who told them? I locked my Ipod and threw it across the room. It shattered into a million pieces and I layed in bed under the covers, hiding from the world. 

Liam's P.O.V.

Melanie hasn't come out of the room all day. I might as well go investigate. 

*Knock Knock*

I entered and saw her IPod shattered on the floor and a small lump on the bed. She was asleep because she had no reaction and I heard a light snore. I checked her twitter from my phone and lost it.

"WHO THE FUCK DID IT?!?!?!?!?!" I yelled to everyone in the room. They all gave me confused looks. 

"WHO THE FUCK TWEETED ME AND MELANIE SLEEPING TOGETHER?" Everyone but Jess gave me a shocked look.

"No one but Jess knew" said Zayn, still in shock. She lowered her head on the couch so I couldn't see her. Out came Melanie. "Why Jess? I thought you were my friend." 

"Well guess what, I never liked you. The only reason I became your "friend" is because you won this trip. Yes im a huge directioner and now that iv'e slept with Harry im done. I have family here in London so I don't need you." 

"GET THE FUCK OUT!" Yelled Harry with tears down his cheeks. Melanie pushed her out the door before she could say anything. Melanie also walked out of Jess' old room with her luggage and threw it out the window. 

"Well, guess who's getting her Mac now." said Melanie in a shaky voice because of her crying. 

Wow. I could tell she was hurt. She needs someone else to hang around with. 

"Hey Niall" I asked 

"Whats up mate?"

"Can Bree come over?"

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