Another World

Melanie and her best friend won a contest to meet One Direction. Little did she know that those boys would change her life forever. Now they're in a situation with love and betrayal.


18. Home With Liam

Melanie's P.O.V.

All 5 boys stared at me with smiles from ear to ear waiting for my answer about the tour. As I was about to talk their smiles got wider and wider


They all jumped with excitement. The contest week was about to be over, so I have to go back home and pack all my stuff. 

"I have to go back home though and pack, will you guys come with me?" they all nodded in agreement.

The plane would be leaving in 3 days and the tour in the U.S. starts in 2 months. I just realized the boys were ready to leave the hotel.

"Do you want to come with us now?" asked Louis.

"Nahh it would take hours for me to get ready, you guys go ahead, I'll be fine. 

"Well okay, we'll bring back some food for you" I thanked them as I closed my door.

I pulled out my phone and texted Bree

To: Bree <3 

Hey love guess what? Im going on tour with the boys as their opening act! 

From: Bree <3 

Thats great hun, how about we celebrate with a sleepover tomorrow? xoxo

To: Bree <3

That sounds awesome! looking forward to it <3

I pressed send and locked my phone as I heard Liam open my door. 

"Hey babe, I didn't want to leave you alone so, lets do something. Maybe go to the hot tub by the pool?

"Liam you know i'd love to but wont you get swarmed by paparazzi and fans?" I questioned

"True, but who says we can't make one?" he pulled out small candles and rose pedals, guided me out of my room, and into his bathroom. His bathroom was a lot bigger than mine. His bathtub had jets and was the actual size of a hot tub.

I stood in awe of his crazy yet romantic idea. 

"Now go put on your bathing suit while I get the water running"

Wow, Liam was the best thing ever. I got back wearing my bathing suit and he was already in, waving for me to come in with him. I got in, the water really hot but it set the mood, and lay on Liam's bare chest. God he was amazing. 

"I love you, you know that?" I told him

"I love you too" 

He began kissing me gently but passionately. Did I mention that his bathtub has a small TV at the end attached to the wall? We layed there, watching movies, occasionally kissing while he held me. 

He was so amazing to me, I never want to lose him.


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