Another World

Melanie and her best friend won a contest to meet One Direction. Little did she know that those boys would change her life forever. Now they're in a situation with love and betrayal.


19. Back Home To Pack

Melanie's P.O.V.

While we were still in the hot tub, Liam pulled out a bottle of red wine. After drinking a few glasses, we both got drunk. We should all know what that led us to. After sex with Liam, the boys came back about two hours later.

"Shh, they're sleeping" said Louis

I heard small chuckles, probably because of the condom wrapper on the nightstand.

"Should we wake them up and tell them that were going to Florida in two days to help Melanie pack?" asked Zayn

"Nahh. Lets leave them to sleep while we pack ours and Liam's stuff." said Niall

I was awake the whole time the boys came into the hotel room, so since Liam was sleeping I pulled on some sweatpants and a jumper and started to pack my things. I watched Liam's chest rise and fall slowly. His hand was behind his head securing it showing his biceps. I continued to pack, occasionally staring at Liam's beautiful face and amazing body.

(Next morning)

From: Bree <3 

Hey babe sleepover today?

To: Bree <3 

Sure hun, wanna go shopping for food first?

From: Bree <3

Sure! We need to stock up on sweets and lets rent a movie lets say Pitch Perfect?

To: Bree <3 

Omg yes lets meet up at Starbucks at 3?

From: Bree <3 

See U there!

I locked my phone and took a shower. I prepared myself to go out into the cold weather of London. We met up, rented the movie, bought all kinds of sweets, and headed back to the hotel. The boys were going to a concert anyways so we had the hotel room to ourselves for a while. 

After the movie and we came down from our sugar high, we passed out on the floor and I felt Liam carry me to the bed and Niall carry Bree to my bed also. We both got kisses on the cheek from our boyfriends and were left to sleep the rest of the night.

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