Another World

Melanie and her best friend won a contest to meet One Direction. Little did she know that those boys would change her life forever. Now they're in a situation with love and betrayal.


11. Are we a thing?

Liam's P.O.V.

I smiled when I saw Melanie's face expression. It was priceless because obviously she's never been anywhere like a premier. She was frozen so I decided to take her by the hand and we walked around. God, I want her so bad. We were suddenly stopped by an E! news reporter who asked us

"So Liam, I've noticed that you and Melanie have been getting along very well considering that your holding hands and she has a bracelet with your name on it.  Are you too a thing?"

Melanie tried to hide her smile by looking at the ground and brushing her hair behind her ear. "Are we a thing?" she asked me nervously.

"Well if we are, or at least will be, were taking things slow. Maybe something will happen." I said, surprisingly prepared for it. With that, we walked away, hand in hand. 

Melanie's P.O.V.

Wow, I can't believe Liam said that. I wanted him and there's a possibility he can be mine. We were going to the after party when we saw the boys, El, Jess,and Perrie at the table drinking away, We decided to join them, but I didn't wanna drink because I wouldn't be able to control myself and wind up with a massive headache.

Liam and the boys on the other hand, drank as much as they could. It could wind up a total disaster or Liam in my bed.

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