o O o

A poem about loss, loosely based on the effect Sherlock Holmes's "Death" had on Doctor John Watson.


1. ...

Now you are gone, and I am not.
Slender fool, in your brilliance,
Enigmatic and alone,
I, in your shadow, saw your fall.

I remember when we danced.
The urban hells our playgrounds.
With the blood and broken glass,
Yellow tape and sirens screaming.

Our days, short, but the best,
Of all times we'd come to see.
Glazed eyes, glances in mirrors,
You are but shadows in my mind.

I will move on, keep living.
I owe you that, fool genius!

But I will take you with me.
In teacups and taxicabs,
And hear your voice, rattling,
Down the backs of radiators,
And in our broken window panes.


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