Prisoner of The Poetry

Sorrow is bad, it keeps pulling you towards it, it always hurts, but whatever started it won't last forever because the reason that the sorrow started is that someone's gone of life and everyone thinks that life will fall apart without this person!


1. Prisoner of The Poetry


Lots of tears that I cry

For a lot of reasons I don't know them, why?

For every tear I've hid

Millions of tears that I could have shed

My reasons for me crying aren't known

It's like something can't be shown

Like there's a prisoner deep inside of me

It just needs to be set free

If only I could express my voice

I'd make my life with my own choice

If only I could be the perfect girl

I'd change everything in this cruel world

If I knew that I can be the one I have to be

Everything will be fixed inside of me

If anybody could fix my heart

I'll never be torn a part

If everything will be wrong

Then I don't want to be strong

And just to make everything right

I only have to write

My own life misery

In the lines of poetry.


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