London Timing.

At the age of 15, Jamie Rose Thomas' mother had died of stage four breast cancer. Jamie had always been and outgoing girl, good grades, popular, but after her mother passed, she shut down. Coming completely shy and intraverted. Jamie and her father over the years had become inseperable, that was untill Jamie left for college halfway across the world in London, England at the age of 19. She never expected to have met someone there, including a boy who she learns is her biological twin brother that they were seperated at birth.


23. Chapter twenty three

Harry's  POV

It was finally time for our performance. All the boys were siked! That is except for me. Dont get me wrong, I was super excited to be performing here! It has always been a dream, but the thought of me being the only single one in the group now, it kind of made me depressed. "Hey Haz? Whats wrong?" Zayn asked. "Well, I just realized that I am the only single one in the group now." I sighed deeply. "Dont worry HAz! You'll find someone eventually. It might take some time, but you'll find someone." He smiled and patted my shoulder, as we were about to go onto stage. "I've tried playing it cool, but when im lookignat you, I cant ever be brave, cause you make my heart race." Liam started. "Shot me outta the sky, your my kryptonight, you keep making me weak, yea frozen and cant breath." I began. And then the rest of the lads were singing. During the song, I kept seeing these beautiful girls everywhere, but none of them were "The one" to me. When we finished the song, I went backstage, and exited to return to the seats, without saying a word. I sat in my seat, next to lily and Niall.

"You did great Harry." Lily smiled at me. "Thanks." I forced a smile. "You know what, come with me. Now." She grabbed my hand and dragged me out to the lobby area of the venue. "What is wrong with you??" She questioned sitting me down on a bench. "I dont know. I guess cause im the only one who is single now. It bothers me a little." I said. She giggled, and sat down next to me. "Hazza, would you like to meet one of my friends? She is quite shy, and she dosent really get out of the house much. I have been trying to get her out of the house for months, but she is lonely, and scared." I started to smile. But I gave her a confuesed look. "Here, dont go on a date with her, but I need you to pick her up from her house for me after this? I want to show her around my new house." She handed me a slip of paper with two addrresses and Lily's phone number.

I told her that I was sendign a friend to pick her up at 11 tonight. So right after this you have to pick her up. Please?" She winked at me, and I chuckled because I knew what she was doing. "Sure why not. But only as a favor. Nothing more, nothing less." I smiled as she hugged me as we went back down to the seats. It was over now, and me and the boys had won three VMAs! It was an amazing night. "Well, dudes, I have to go do a favor for Lily, so I better get going. I'll see you guys later tonight." I waved by to the boys and Lily, as I got into the car, and drove to the frist adress on the paper. It was a fairly bug house, and then I parked the car. I grabbed My car keys and phone, and hopped out of the car. I walked up to the white tall door.

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