London Timing.

At the age of 15, Jamie Rose Thomas' mother had died of stage four breast cancer. Jamie had always been and outgoing girl, good grades, popular, but after her mother passed, she shut down. Coming completely shy and intraverted. Jamie and her father over the years had become inseperable, that was untill Jamie left for college halfway across the world in London, England at the age of 19. She never expected to have met someone there, including a boy who she learns is her biological twin brother that they were seperated at birth.


27. Chapter twenty seven

Jamie's POV

I woke up to an empty bed, and I got up and walked into the main room. My jaw dropped. Louis was on the pull out couch, naked, and with a girl. She was brunette. I started crying, and ran to the hotel room. My flight was tomorrow, but I decided to leave now. I ran to the bed room, packed all of my clothes in suitcases, and then wrote a note to Louis.

Dear Lou,

I saw you this morning. With a girl, naked. I cant believe that you lied to me again. You told me that you would never cheat in me or hurt me EVER again. but you went and did it. I cant believe you. Im leaving, back to London. I never want to see you again, do you understand me? Never. Dont look for me, dont send any oen to look for me, nothing. Im cant beileve that I actually trusted you. Good bye. Forever.

- Jamie.

I folded the note and left it on the bed where he would see it, and then dragged my suitcases, out of the bed room. I looked one last time at Louis on the bed. i shook my head, tears still pourgin from my eyes. I stepped outside of the hotel room, and called Liam. "Jamie?" Liam asked. "Liam can you drive me o the airport? Please?" I asked. "Sure. Come to my hotel room." I started crying when I hung up, and walked across the hotel to Liams room. Niall answered. "Jamie are you ok?" I started crying even harder, and collapsed into his arms. He brought me over to the couch, and set me down. "Liam! Jamies here!" He said, rubbing my back in circles. "Jamie?!?" Liam ran to my side, and started hugging me. "He-he d-did i-it again.." I said quietly. Liams breathing got heavy, and then it quickly softened. "I'll drive you to the airport." Niall offered. "Please?" Liam asked. "I am going to talk to Louis." He got up angry and then stormmed out of the room. "Come on babe, lets go." He helped me up and helped me grab my bags and take them down to the car. He got me into the car, and then drove me to the airport. "Thank you Ni." I smiled at him, and I wiped tears off of my cheeks. "Can you tell Lily im sorry for leaving so early?" He nodded his head, and gave me a hug as I walked down the terminal to get onto the plane. I waved at him once more, and got on the plane. I sat in my seat looking out the window. I was crying again. i feel asleep thinking about me and Louis' lovely moments. I smiled.

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