London Timing.

At the age of 15, Jamie Rose Thomas' mother had died of stage four breast cancer. Jamie had always been and outgoing girl, good grades, popular, but after her mother passed, she shut down. Coming completely shy and intraverted. Jamie and her father over the years had become inseperable, that was untill Jamie left for college halfway across the world in London, England at the age of 19. She never expected to have met someone there, including a boy who she learns is her biological twin brother that they were seperated at birth.


34. Chapter thirty four

Jamie's POV

I cant believe I just had sex. And he was my first. I didnt tell him though. I was afriad that it would change things. I just brushed it off. We walked out there, and all the boys were asleep in a circle. Paige and Harry were no where though. I let go of Louis' hand and walked over to the window seat and looked out across the park. I saw to people who looked a lot like Harry and Paige. "Louis! come over here! Look!" I pointed to them. They were running around, what looked like racing, and then they started laughing and falling over with the girl on the guys chest. "Oh my God. Thats Harry." Louis said laughing. "Then that must be Paige." I smiled at how cute they were. "They are going to end up together Lou." i said smiling at him. He sat next to me on the window seat, gently putting his arm around my shoulders, as I snuggled into his arms, still looking at Paige and Harry. They were just so cute. "Hey, Lou?" "Yea babe?" I didnt shift my eyes from them on the soccer field. They were sleeping now.

"Are we like, boyfriend, girlfriend? Or...." He laughed. "Only if you want to be babe." he kissed my head. He was playing with my fingers in his hand. "Well, I guess we are then..." I looked at him and smiled as he kissed me softly. I smiled at him when he pulled away, and he laughed. I sighed deeply. And ended up falling asleep in Lou's arms. I smiled.

When I woke up the next morning, Paige was shaking me awake. I forgot that we had classes tomorrow. I slowly got up, and then Lou got up slowly after me. One by one the boys got up, and then hugged me and Paige. I was standing in the doorway with Louis when I turned around to see Paige and Harry kissing. I gasped loudly, and smiled widely. She turned around and turned a bright shade of red and laughed. We walked out of the door, and I hugged Liam one more time. "I'll see you soon ok broski." I said. He laughed in my ear, and then I walked out with Paige down to the car.

When we got in the car, I sat there not starting it. "Jamie... Whats up?" Paige asked turning toward me. "Well, I saw you and Harry last night.. on the soccer field..." I smiled at her. She rolled her eyes, and giggled. "Did you? What did you see?" She asked. "I saw you two racing, and then I saw you two falling asleep." I was smiling widely. I poked her side, annd said "I knew it!! i knew you two were going to be together." I laughed. "He asked me last night to be his girlfriend." She was smiling widely. "EEEEEEEEKKKK!!!" I screamed, and hugged her tightly. "I KNEW IT!" I screamed. She was laughing. I finally started the car, and we headed out. I was so happy for her! I knew they were going to get together.

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